Jones Delivery Corp

USDOT # 2163854
1145 Highbrook St Ste 403
Akron, OH 44301
Contact Phone: (216) 623-0331
Additional Phone: (330) 434-7707
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Moving with Jones Delivery Corp

Jones Delivery Corp will provide help to our customers as we endeavor to satisfy our customers plans.
Our moving and storage company can enrapture asset in your expanse from your previous property to your newly residency. Clients have also disclosed to us that Jones Delivery Corp is the effective in the area.
Jones Delivery Corp can use up aid of your moving motive, equitable translate the reappraisal below.

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I couldn't have requested a superior move. Dave and Dave were quick, neighborly, expert and they moved my entire house in less than three hours. The cost was a great deal not exactly the opposition. I'll unquestionably utilize Jones for my best course of action!

Our two movers did something another organization let us know would take 4 movers for a great deal more cash. They figured out how to recover a piano through a couple truly tight turns. They opened covers and entryways and for the most part played Tetris until they got it where we asked them to. They went far in excess of what was required and were unimaginably amiable the entire time. While I trust I don't need to move the piano again at any point in the near future, I will completely be calling them again when I do. Much appreciated!

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