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Moving with Pro Movers LLC

As a local Raleigh moving company, we realize the tremendous opportunity to make long lasting relationships with our customers. At Pro Movers LLC, we offer not just moving services, but also packing, home relocation services, plus family and home planning assistance for your next move. We offer an overall strategy that helps make household moving less stressful for the entire family. By assisting home owners with every part of the moving process, we make their transitions to new homes more pleasant than they ever thought possible. However complex your requirements, our highly trained movers can cover them! Our aim is to provide a fast and expert moving services. Complete customer satisfaction is what we insist on. Whether it’s fragile belongings, electronics or bulky furniture, nothing scares our expert movers. We make sure your possessions get to their intended destination without any damage, exactly as you want them. To avoid any unpleasant surprises during your residential or commercial relocation, you can count on our moving services. Our friendly crew will pack and load the boxes, while you enjoy your relocating experience.

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I tried Pro Movers for the very first time and was pleasantly surprised as to the efficiency of the crew. I have very large and heavy furniture and they handled it like pros! Their pricing was reasonable and I tipped the workers for their hard labor! I will use them again!!

I utilized Pro Movers to move a 3 room house 21 miles in the Raleigh territory. We utilized an attendant service through our moving company and based off the audits we saw thought it would be a decent approach to go. In the wake of conversing with Alex the director so as to confirm costs and so on we where cited $250 for 2 hrs with two folks and $90 each extra hr appeared to be sufficiently reasonable as there weren't a lot of huge things to move and myself and my child would be helping too. Everything began of alright. Two young fellows appeared on time extremely expert and decent folks.

Alright so after the main hr and half it was clear there would have been real issues. Leading just 1 fellow could separate beds. There where 4 beds to be separated two rulers two twin beds nothing convoluted. Well after the more experienced gentleman separated 1 bed which took him around 20 mins the other fellow wandered around erratically clearly uncertain what to do. I requesting that he begin moving the remaining sleeping pads first floor which he did. While I separate the two twin beds one took me 5 mins and I practically completed the other before the accomplished fellow that could breakdown beds arrived in a wrapped up. Alright awesome bed s done now we can get done with stacking up the truck....wrong. Presently we're at 3 1/2 truck still not stacked. Again this is a three room house with around 20 boxes and a washer dryer and around 10 substantial things. What's more there were 2 additional hands myself and my child. They apologized for the deferral anyway I was profoundly disturbed in light of the fact that theres no chance it takes that long to stack a truck. I've moved around 5 times in the previous 10 yrs most moves where finished without anyone else's input and a couple of companions. Im a lady that stands 5 feet 7 around 160 and moved this furniture in under hrs. Ive utilized moving moving companys the last 3 times and it brought under 3.hrs particularly with 4 hands. Yet a decent dominant part of my furniture sat on the ground outside the truck. What's more they requested beverages which was no biggie I went to metros and bought drinks with my own cash it was a hot day. Yet, these folks had 0 feeling of criticalness one level out didn't comprehend what to manage without being told by me or his colleague. The other simply moved moderate. Quick forward and hr the truck is at last stacked and prepared to follow 4 hrs...again 3 room house not an enormous measure of things in addition to two property holders carry.about a large portion of the containers for you. It took them 50 mins to go 21 miles....I was so disturbed I truly said sit all cases down on the control just enormous on huge things and don't try to set up any beds. It took around 45 mins to empty. As I'm marking of I see an aggregate of 5.5.hrs for the move notwithstanding being charged 45 dollars for fuel which was never cited both times we conversed with Alex the chief.

Astonishing moving company at stunning expenses. Unimaginably basic and simple, I've never had a simpler move with some other moving company. I should suggest Pro Movers in the event that you need an expert move at a modest expense. My involvement with this moving company was so natural for me, they let me know all that i expected to know and what they offer. I adore this moving company since they are just so straightforward and they practice with pianos which i all that much valued.

In the event that I could give them zero stars I would. This was a shocking appalling background. My father, who is 81 years of age, moved from his home to autonomous living. Everything went off to capacity as he his new area was not yet prepared. We stuffed the majority of his critical papers in one box. We pressed china, lladro's, waterford precisely. The china and waterford are what we have staying from my mother who passed away 12 years prior. Two lladros were broken when we unloaded. The china and waterford and essential papers are all absent. A printer was broken. There truly wasn't that much to move. I have messaged and brought again and again. They let you know they will get back to you and never do. The things are apparently gone - albeit nobody could try to get back to. I recorded a case and never heard a word about that. I would never at any point believe these folks with your things on the off chance that you think about them. Any great surveys must be from relatives of theirs as they are hooligans.

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