Coastline Relocation

PUC # 2480
106 US Highway 117 Byp S
Goldsboro, NC 27530
North Carolina
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Additional Phone: 919-432-3019
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Coastline Relocation is one of the listed shipping companies in your area.
Each client has unlike essential for their , which is why Coastline Relocation provides servicing and mover to answer our comfortably to suit them.
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We had a really extreme move and these folks were brisk, proficient and additional watchful with all our stuff. Exceptionally prescribe!

Subsequent to investigating on line, I identifies with Paul who was incredible. The day of the move we had 4 folks appear, on time and they inspired right to work. They were all so respectful and exceptionally watchful. Everything was wrapped and taken well care of. Gary kept the group moving with strong course and on point.

Moving organizations can be a calamity yet the group was magnificent! We couldn't have been more content with their administration! I exceptionally suggest them.

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QuestionThe moving industry in the United States was deregulated with the Household Goods Transportation Act of 1980. This act allowed interstate movers to issue binding or fixed estimates for the first time. Doing so opened the door to hundreds of new moving companies to enter the industry. This led to an increase in competition and soon movers were no longer competing on services but on price. As competition drove prices lower and decreased what were already slim profit margins, "rogue" movers began hijacking personal property as part of a new scam. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) enforces Federal consumer protection regulations related to the interstate shipment of household goods (i.e., household moves that cross State lines). FMCSA has held this responsibility since 1999, and the Department of Transportation has held this responsibility since 1995 (the Interstate Commerce Commission held this authority prior to its termination in 1995).

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QuestionIn the United States and Canada, the cost for long-distance moves is generally determined by a few factors. The first is the weight of the items tobe movedand the distance it will go. Cost is also based on howquicklythe items are tobe moved, as well as the time of the year or month which the move occurs. In the United Kingdom and Australia, it's quite different. They base price on the volume of the items as opposed to their weight. Keep in mind some movers may offer flat rate pricing.