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USDOT # 887148
472 Robeson St
Fayetteville, NC 28301
North Carolina
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Additional Phone: (910) 485-5246
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Allstar Moving and Storage is one of the listed movers in your country.
Each client has different demand for their , which is why Allstar Moving and Storage provides serve and moving company to practice our effective to accommodate them.
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I gotten this organization to move me and my flat mate to another loft in the same complex. The day of the move, they movers were 3 hours late and never called to say that they would have been. I needed to call the workplace twice to discover where they were. When they at last showed up, the inquired as to whether they could move the stuff the following day since they worked 6 hours that day. I paid for psychologist wrap that they never appropriately utilized making harm numerous bits of furniture. They dragged furniture over the ground when stacking and emptying, additionally creating harm. At the point when stood up to with the harm, they attempted to reprimand it on other individuals. At that point they didn't wrap up the truck and said on the off chance that I paid them more cash the following day that they would.

Prompt, efficient, straightforward the best movers I've used in years!

This Allstar Moving and Storage is :


Extraordinary administration.

Profoundly suggested.

I'll certainly utilize them again for my best course of action.

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