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PUC # 2336
1058 W. Club Blvd. Suite 2226
Durham, NC 27701
North Carolina
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Additional Phone: 919-416-1796
Company Site: www.dcmoversllc.com

Moving with DC Movers

Need a Raleigh mover? You have come to the right place. Welcome to the Raleigh home page of DC Movers LLC. Our experience in the industry dates back to 1989. We have perfected the professional execution of our craft one would expect of an organized corporation while delivering the customer service of a "Mom and Pop".
Our Raleigh movers are full time dedicated professional. We are a full service, licensed and insured Raleigh, NC moving company. We specialize in the relocation of apartments (Raleigh apartment moving), offices (Raleigh office moving) and single family homes (Raleigh local moving) and inter and intra state moves (Raleigh long distance movers). We offer polite, experienced uniformed movers. Listed on this page are our services and costs. We have several options, one of them will surely meet your needs. Simply click on the buttons to view a descriptions of our economical rates and quality services.

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Moved with this moving company for the third time. I was most satisfied with the last time. They accomplish something other than what's expected than some time recently. I have dependably gotten 3 man groups yet now they have a Quality Control Manager who turns out for some time to help and quality control I presume. I let them know I like the new touch and I think others will to.

They were extremely watchful with my assets. I moved from a studio to a 1 room condo. Literally nothing was harmed. Some of my furniture is on the pricier side and fresh out of the plastic new so I was somewhat jumpy. The movers were considerate and benevolent.

We did a basic move from Raleigh to Durham. Found these folks through the flat intricate. They made an okay showing. They wrapped everything, the move I had was known as the economy pack and it accompanied free boxes they conveyed and closet boxes, sleeping cushion covers, and so forth. Extremely proficient and pleasant. I will utilize them once more.

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