Pace Moving and Storage

USDOT # 617418
PUC # 32571
4118 50th St
Woodside, NY 11377
New York
Contact Phone: (718) 672-2221
Additional Phone: (718) 672-2221
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Moving with Pace Moving and Storage

Pace Moving and Storage provides indisputable moving and storage to our consumers as we attempt to meet our clients needs.
Pace Moving and Storage takes into consideration the persuasion and critiquing our clients may sustain.
Clients have likewise disclosed to us that Pace Moving and Storage is the most best in this area. Check out our Pace Moving and Storage reviews below for ratification.

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I called to find out where they were located if they were close to a train and they hung up on me, twice.

Simply moved yesterday and I couldn't be more content with this organization! They were quick, effective and very much arranged. My turn couldn't have gone all the more easily. The cost was reasonable and they rushed to hit me up at whatever point I reached them. Much obliged for making moving day less unpleasant folks!

Extraordinary movers! Helped me move from NYC to Orlando. Gotten my stuff and delivered it as planned. No damages and nothing was missing. I highly recommend them..

To be reasonable, I moved with these folks ten years ago. The experience was traumatic however, it could be they've gotten it together. The move cost triple the assessment. One of the movers got tanked on the champagne we had hoped to bring across town with us; he then made a pass at my housekeeper and had to be removed from the property. I didn't get any compensation or even expression of remorse about the champagne. When I called after the move to let them know I hadn't found my silver (yes, i found it later, yet given the champagne disaster I needed to express my worry immediately), my call was met with a defensive and antagonistic reaction. Horrendous experience.

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