Lake Country Moving & Storage

USDOT # 1034907
2915 Route 96
Waterloo, NY 13165
New York
Contact Phone: (800) 479-3188
Additional Phone: (315) 539-2806
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Moving with Lake Country Moving & Storage

As an interstate moving agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving, we've adopted the philosophy that only one thing comes first - the customer.
When you place your trust in Lake Country Moving & Storage and Seneca Movers Company, you get our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. We understand that moving isn't simply an address change, - it's a life change.

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Great Company, very friendly and patient. Went the extra mile for us.

Nice people, great rates vs. other movers, lots of handholding & keeping one from feeling anxious about a lot of boxes. Loved the 5X inventory along the way & the emails telling me what location they were at day by day. Everything arrived safe! Highly recommend

Much obliged to you Seneca/Lake Country for making my turn from Massachusetts to Geneva go easily. Lorenzo and his group were watchful, gracious, and dependable. On the whole a super expert employment!

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