Delaney Moving & Storage

USDOT # 561250
7045 Interstate Island Rd
Syracuse, NY 13209
New York
Contact Phone: (800) 888-4985
Additional Phone: (315) 453-7800
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Moving with Delaney Moving & Storage

Delaney Moving & Storage, agent for United Van Lines located in Syracuse, New York, is a full service transportation company specializing in local moving, long distance and international relocations of household goods, offices, high value electronics, trade shows…anything requiring special handling by trained professionals. Delaney provides a single source for all your transportation needs …”One call does it all.”

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We had a great experience moving to Florida with Delaney Moving and Storage and their Company, United Van Lines. Everyone was always helpful. Art Delaney came out three times to make sure he had as perfect an estimate as possible and the final move was just a couple of hundred pounds off from his estimate. I don't really know how he did it. The office staff, scheduler and move coordinator all were extremely helpful. When they had some used boxes to share, they were very gracious and their prices for boxes and paper we bought were very fair. Best of all was our driver, Daniel, who did a superb job packing our things in the van and delivering them in Florida. If you are lucky enough to have Daniel, you'll have the smoothest of moves. I highly recommend them.

From the season of the review of our turn till the conveyance and unloading of our belonging, my significant other and I were amazingly satisfied as a result of the tender loving care and powerful commucations by the Delaney group.
I exceptionally recommend this organization.

Simply needed to let you realize what an awesome pack of folks you have.\r
Our turn was the best. We will prescribe your organization to everybody we know thats moving.\r
A debt of gratitude is in order for doing an awesome
North Syracuse, NY

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