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Stony Brook is located on the North Shore of Long Island , approximated 55 miles east of the New York City borough of Manhattan . The census-designated place occupies an irregular shape that is roughly 5 miles north to south and 1 mile east to west.
The historic core of Stony Brook was developed from the 17th century onward at the mouth of Stony Brook Harbor, a narrow inlet of the Long Island Sound . This section of town includes the Stony Brook Village Center , a planned commercial center in the style of New England clapboard architecture that opened in 1941. Nearby are the Long Island Museum , the Three Village Inn , and William Sidney Mount House . A peninsula in this vicinity known as the West Meadow includes a beach and wetlands reserve.
Stony Brook University is located within and adjacent to the census-designated place, with its main campus less than 2 miles from Stony Brook's historic center. It is primarily on the eastern side of the census-designated place, with a pedestrian entrance on Route 25a at the Stony Brook station of the Long Island Rail Road and a vehicular entrance on Nicolls Road . The local stretch of Route 25a contains shops and other commercial properties that cater to the university's student body.
The southern (inland) portion of Stony Brook primarily consists of post-war residential development. The Stony Brook University Research and Development Park (in Stony Brook and adjacent St. James ) occupies a buffer between this section and the university's central campus. Forming Stony Brook's official southern boundary is Route 347 , a corridor with commercial development including an AMC Loews cinema within the CDP boundaries and the Smith Haven Mall nearby.
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