Madden's Transfer

187 River St
Saranac Lake, NY 12983
Saranac Lake
New York
Contact Phone: (800) 676-4233
Additional Phone: (518) 891-2791
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Moving with Madden's Transfer

You'll get flexible, versatile services from us, whether you need items moved locally, across the country, or even internationally. For storage, you can choose between many unit sizes to fit your needs, as well as other options such as heated or unheated units. If you need a bigger unit later, just let us know!

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We live in California and for the past three years every May Madden's has packed my son's dorm room, moved and stored his clothes and various items for his summer break and moved everything back to school in August for his return back to school. Kathy has arranged everything with me via email, including automatic billing on my charge card for the move and the few months of storage. Kathy and the rest of the Madden company have been a pleasure to work with. Next May I will have them pack and move my son for the last time, but this time instead of using their storage I'll be having them move him to NYC where he has decided to live. I have no doubt that move will be handled as professionally as all the others.

Spared my life! What's more, I more likely than not cracked the poor gentleman out with all my crying and uneven relaxing! He was such a sweetheart and even inquired as to whether he could drive me home. Exceptionally appreciative he was called to come salvage me from Kawassa!

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