American Van Service

USDOT # 1701753
94 Big Boom Rd
Queensbury, NY 12804
New York
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Additional Phone: (518) 793-6622
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Moving with American Van Service

American Van Service has over 20 Years of Proven Service in the Glens Falls Region and a family history since 1945 as a North American Agent. We’ve been moving more customers between The Adirondacks and the Florida than most others combined – a proven record, a solid foundation and a unshattering commitment to perfection.

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They were incredible! I would very prescribe them. Friendly, effective, and made my turn go easily.

I have moved a lot in my lifetime and this move with American Van Service was by a long shot the best! Office staff were well disposed and addressed all inquiries I had. Estimate was spot on! The folks who performed the work were first rate, experienced inviting and proficient! On the off chance that I need to move again I will call them!

Very dependable and professional service. Will hire them again. Thanks American Van Service.

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