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37-30 Review Ave #4B
Long Island City, NY 11101
Long Island City
New York
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Moving with New York Minute Movers

The professional movers at NY Minute Movers are prepared to offer you high-quality assistance. Based in Long Island City, our family-owned and -operated company is dedicated to meeting the requirements of clients from around the area. Our staff is ready to take on large and small jobs, and we possess the proper moving equipment to do so.

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These guys were top notch, Michael is a very nice guy who helped make my move seamless. They were very punctual and paid attention to detail, ensuring my valuables/fragile items were well cared for during their transit. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant experience, thank you!

Had an extraordinary ordeal New York Minute Movers. They gave numerous upgrades, as required, and were quick and kind with their administration. I'd prescribe to anybody.

Productive. Polite. Magnificent service. The movers disassembled my furniture and set up it back together (love seat and kitchen table). They moved my 1-room loft. The movers came on time and took care of business quickly. I would highly recommend them. I've moved around the country and have had frightful moving encounters - once in a while I had a feeling that I was getting ripped off. Not with these folks. Additionally, a reasonably priced.

This was my first time to move with this mover.
I moved uptown and upstairs and downstair moving is tiring and i wasn't even doing most of the moving. Crew arrived at the place and were very able and precise in setting up my movables.
They were concise and businesslike. Reliable on turning up and moved the stuffed in, filled to the roof, and my girlfriends belongings.
Ramiro were glorious and polite thank you and you are the only mover we will use from now on.
Jammy and Sara ;)

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