E-Z Movers

USDOT # 495911
400 Mason Rd
Fairport, NY 14450
New York
Contact Phone: (800) 442-3215
Additional Phone: (585) 223-1410
Company Site: www.ezmoversinc.com

Moving with E-Z Movers

By providing exceptional servicing to E-Z Movers provision certain serving to our as we attempt to satisfy all of our clients expectations . To our customers, we venture to placate the needs of our client basis.
E-Z Movers takes into condition the idea and critiquing our customers may accept.
So, take a reward of the reviews by reexamination below, whether you're just reading E-Z Movers recap or writing them.

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The EZ movers crew made our move a breeze from start to finish! My husband and I were posed with a unique situation that required us to move out suddenly and in a hurry, and we only had one opportunity to go back and get our entire house full of belongings into storage. From the first phone call I made the team was empathetic to my situation and I felt truly made every effort to ensure we were taken care of as soon as possible. We had one day to pack up and move our entire home (furniture, clothes, appliances, necessities) to a storage unit an hour away and the EZ movers crew made it happen for us. They showed up on time and hustled to make sure they stayed within the estimate they gave us and that we had budgeted for. Everyone was super friendly, treated our items as if they were their own, and transported them without any damages. They also unloaded the entire truck in record time and packed our entire home into a 10x20 storage unit! I was extremely impressed with their service and would absolutely reccomend them while heatedly. I am truly grateful for everything they did to make our stressful situation a breeze for us!!!

They were quick, careful and very pleasant to work with. The move came in significantly BELOW the estimated price. Great!

DON'T USE THIS SERVICE. They work whenever the timing is ideal for them with no respect for the client. At the point when moving into another home you will never get a "yes we will arrive without a doubt" answer from these individuals. Mind you, we were great clients, consistent with our month to month storage fees and even paid ahead of time a couple times. So there was no reason for them to delay our move in by any stretch of the imagination. We called to plan a move-in around 2-3 weeks ahead of time and they were "reserved" and couldn't fit us in by any means. They let us know "you have to work with our timetable to make this move happen", what sort of client services is that?!

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