Van Gogh Moving Company

USDOT # 2321161
13 42ND Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232
New York
Contact Phone: (212) 226-0500
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Moving with Van Gogh Moving Company

In the year 1967, a group with a wealth of experience and expertise behind them, were setting up a company called VAN GOGH MOVERS which would in due course of time, make the world sit up and take notice of it from its inception, the company has always believed that nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. Ideas are the lifeline of any business, more so in an intensely competitive environment, where only the fittest and the most imaginative can flourish. Van Gogh has successfully rendered its services to its customers for more than forty seven years and in the process built a relationship of trust with the customer who feels a genuine sense of loyalty to the firm. Such customer relationships have been born out of successive experiences of customer satisfaction.

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On the off chance that you need your stuff conveyed on time and inside your home in great condition, you might need to look somewhere else.

Generally speaking, the greater part of our things were moved from point A to point B adequately and productively. The greater part of the business reps and movers were receptive to my inquiries, and they were exceptionally adaptable with my better half and me on what wound up being an extremely disordered day for us (as is moving day for just about anybody).

Strong decision in the event that you require a moving company that is reasonable, very much estimated, and receptive to your necessities.

I utilized Van Gogh Movers around a month prior. James appeared before the move to give me an estimate. He was incredible! We did a walk through the house 3. We figured out what they would pack and move, and what I would pack and move to my storage room. His evaluation was reasonable and about what I thought it would be.

We concurred that they movers would come the day preceding at 9am and pack. They appeared on time and were ALL extraordinary at packing, quick and friendly.

We then went to my new flat where they emptied the truck so quick. Did I specify they had a full flight of stairs to climb? Yes they did and all I needed to do was stand there and point to where the boxes were going.

In general made an extraordinary job and I would thoroughly recommend them!

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