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New York
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Seven Stars Moving will render serving to our consumers as we endeavor to fulfil our clients plans.
Seven Stars Moving takes into consideration the opinion and critiquing our customers may have.
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TV was broken and they will not pay me for it - I booked these movers under recommendation of a friend. They said it would be $95 an hour because i live on the 5th floor of a walk up. When they got there the price went up to $100, and they said they could wrap my furniture for an additional cost. They wouldnt give me the cost up front, but at the end the move was $285, and $85 for wrapping. After I had paid and gone back to my room I noticed that my TV was broken, even after it being wrapped. I called them, and the mover asked for pictures. They said they would contact insurance, and call me back. I didnt hear back from them once and called them 4 times to follow up. Today they told me that they can only cover $0.30/lbs and would not offer to refund me for my move. They said I can speak to the movers themselves and they can pay out of their pocket if they want. This is totally unacceptable because I paid extra to avoid this type of situation. Not only that they are not trying to help me at all.

booked them last minute and they showed up and went above and beyond. They were incredibly fast, helpful, good spirited and remarkably affordable. No frills but they got the job done and they did it FAST. They were also very funny.

Very impressed. Will definitely use them again when I move in the future

We used Seven Stars for a move in 2018 and it was awful. They broke our 55" TV which we had just bought 3 months prior and there was a visible handprint where the movers were holding it. The TV screen was cracked from pressure and would not turn on anymore. They refused to admit it was their fault and argued that it was broken before the move. When we called the manager of the company, he laughed at us when we asked him to cover the TV and/or have insurance cover the TV. It was incredibly unprofessional and I highly recommend you do not use this company.

Should be called "0 stars movers".......
Most unprofessional thieves I've ever encountered. Missing things, they won't return my call, left all of my things in the lobby, street and elevator of my new bldg. ran off without giving receipt after I paid them over $400 For one hour of work. Charged $50 claiming toll for Lincoln thnnel to jersey city.

Not a good company for walk up buildings, owner complained of the building being walk up and then the movers were NO SHOW on the moving day! Many ISSUES WITH the company's MANAGEMENT! I found the business card for this company in the lobby of my apartment building. I did some research, could not find a website but found some good reviews. My move out appointment was set, it was made three weeks in advance and confirmed the day before moving. Moving day the movers were not around at our moving time and we called to learn they would be two hours late. Called again, 2 hours became three and three became four. I continued calling and the owner kept assuring me they were on the way, despite him being VERY RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL. At five hours I called again for him to say "I can't get ahold of my movers, bye" as he quickly hung up without additional word.

In this company the best low prices and the best service ever. Very professional staff and very helpful. This moving company doing accurate job with any equipment, furniture and fragile items. Very recommended for everyone - new customer.

We had A LOT to move and it was difficult things. I was truly stressed over our gigantic lounge area set, heaps of glass and fragile parts. The folks made an extraordinary showing with regards to, not a solitary ding or scratch. They were fantastically proficient!

So I found these folks in a business card that was left in my condo assembling and chose why not (alarming, right?). Well it was the best decision I made, these are the most effective movers. $75/hour-3 men, 1 truck (cash only).

They had my one room in the truck withinin 1.5 hours. Well the storage was a bad dream and did not have my reservation right. I was on the telephone going to take my things to another storage when these folks talked me into keeping it straightforward. Moving can be sufficiently upsetting and 7 star bailed me out and said they would have the capacity to make the circumstance work. They were prepared to go and get everything in rapidly and effectively. Simple, no fuss, they could think and react quickly and make sense of everything. This is the sort of service most organizations won't offer.

I will totally use these movers again later on.

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