Olympus Moving & Storage

USDOT # 1822329
174 9TH ST
Brooklyn, NY 11215
New York
Contact Phone: (888) 217-7221
Additional Phone: (718) 788-1990
Company Site: www.olympusmoving.com

Moving with Olympus Moving & Storage

We are focused on our clients' fulfillment and take pride in giving quality Moves. Our exceedingly prepared expert movers will make your moving background lovely and as bother free as could be expected under the circumstances. With Olympus Moving dealing with your move, you will have genuine feelings of serenity knowing your household goods are respected with consideration and your home with care. We take the opportunity to completely deal with your moving needs and endeavor to procure your trust before steadily lifting that first box. Four eras of moving knowledge has set us up to completely suspect all you're moving necessities. It would be ideal if you think of us as your companion in the moving business. A portion OF THE BENEFITS OF USING OLYMPUS MOVING FOR YOUR LONG DISTANCE RELOCATION INCLUDE:
  • Free inhome estimates where one of our Expert come to your location.
  • Binding estimates / flat rate if you want.
  • Dates that are Exact pick-up and delivery dates.

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Your Olympus Moving & Storage Reviews

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I moved this weekend. This group of 9 men appeared on time, prepared to take care of business. They were so capable, watchful and sorted out. I wound up taking a climb amidst the move, since they had everything taken care of.

They will come a couple of weeks before and give you a "not to surpass cite." This is unimaginably useful in planning a move. They bring all that you require: bubble wrap, boxes, paper, tape, sharpies, and so on. On the off chance that you have troublesome things to move, think vast lounge chairs, or a projector and screen, they are specialists in taking care of everything. I am so content with the estimation of their administrations.

Remarkable working guys. I think every company should have professional and polite staff like Olympus. They paid great attention to all furniture while packing, loading and transporting! All items were safely delivered, absolutely no problems. Even I frequently got a follow up by their senior staff to kept me informed every step of the way! Well comfortable move, would be pleased to use them again.

Olympus was fantastic through and through.

I have done 4 long-distance moves throughout my life and Olympus was the best organization I've utilized. They were good on cost, and not the slightest bit cut corners on quality. I was moving my things from a storeroom on the East Coast to my new home in California, and they made a special effort to give a free estimate of the move before the agreement. There were no additionals, shrouded charges - despite the fact that they needed to pack some additional things for me.

Kim Pagan, the specialist that I worked with, was mindful and comprehended my circumstance 100%. She made a phenomenal showing, and I would not delay to work with her once more.

By the day's end, I stayed inside of my financial plan, got my assets on time, and had an anxiety free ordeal. Olympus did extraordinary work with my turn.

Overall it was a nice experience and I would recommend Olympus for prompt and safe moving. From the initial communication, I knew they would do a good work. Staff was attentive and gave me a fair quote right on the spot. On moving day, they were on right time, (even 5 minutes before) and wrapped up everything very carefully. No scratch or damage to any stuff.

I have used many movers previously but Olympus is no doubt the best of all! The movers are nice, professional, and hardworking. They take care of your stuff as their own and make it sure that no damage occurs. My recommendation is to hire Olympus for top-notch moving services.

Thanks you to Olympus moving team! 2 movers came to my residence exactly on the appointment time told over the phone. They were friendly, quick, and professional to the last degree. One packed, wrapped, and loaded stuff on the truck and other moved it. For heavy items, they worked together to pack and move them easily. On reaching, they ensured everything should be placed in my preferred position. i would advise people to give them a call and get a quote. Im telling my friends

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