TDY Moving & Storage

USDOT # 1754924
PUC # 37441
8802 Ditmas Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11236
New York
Contact Phone: (718) 395-7171
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Moving with TDY Moving & Storage

For years, we have a history of excellence providing moving services in New York and the Tri State area. TDY Moving & Storage is proud to inform everyone that we offer a vast variety of services. When we started, our service was on a very small scale. Within time, we gained the trust of our clients, allowing us to further our moving expertise. No matter what type of moving service you require, we can do it for you. We provide local and long distance service for both commercial and residential clients. There are all types of services our clients may require. If it is of importance to you, we can do just about anything you ask.

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Your TDY Moving & Storage Reviews

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TDY Moving and Storage is a reliable company that has courteous and helpful customer service and also follow through on special requests and pay attention to details. Their services is available every day and every hour, they do not delay and they do the job in a satisfactory manner, I know these because they helped in moving my belongings from Ny to Maryland and it was perfect without any delay and hindrance and really I am grateful for a job well done. Wow, the best moving company I have ever seen. I give them a Five (5) star rating because they have earned it!!!!

I have moved a lot in my lifetime but never have I come across movers who are so competent at their job. TDY Moving was hired by me simply because of a recommendation from a friend. But they really came through. Every man they sent was very skilled and well prepared. They packed up everything very carefully. They loaded them into the truck with great caution. I was very happy about their helpfulness and sincerity. I will definitely hire them again.

A friend of mine had previously hired TDY moving & storage and he was raving about the company. So I just had to hire them. But I was moving during a busy weekend and it was a long wait to find a vacant slot with them. They did give me an appointment and the movers arrived right on time on the moving day. They efficiently packed up my 3-bedroom apartment in just 3 hours. They made the delivery on time and all my stuffs made it to my new house intact. They were definitely worth the wait.

TDY Moving was great with my move. I found them on the internet while searching for moving companies for our office move. From the beginning of the process until the last box was in the new office, they were helpful and seemed to genuinely careful about the well being of our valuable things. The movers were awesome and they really made this move possible. They arrived early and did not waste any time at all. I could not have asked for a better experience.

My experience with TDY Moving & Storage was great. It was easy getting a quote from them. Then they kept me in loop through emails till the moving day. The movers arrived early and packed everything very carefully. They were so fast that the whole thing took just 2 hours. The delivery was made right on schedule. I checked the inventory and everything arrived safely. They delivered exactly what was promised. This company really means business and I have no problem hiring them every time I relocate.

I was very pleased with the way my move was handled by TDY, their staff who set up the move and the movers who preformed the move were both professional and a pleasure to work with. With moving being this stressful to begin with, its nice to have such a great team that has your back.

TDY Moving helped us with a 2 bedroom move from NYC to JAX, FL. Everyone at the company, from Ed who gave us our quote, to Angie in the office, to Miguel and crew at our home were extremely helpful and attentive. We found the quote extremely competitive and TDY was also the only moving company who guaranteed that we would receive our belongings within three days. And in three days we did, receiving our belongings at the tail end of a hurricane and in terrible weather. I would highly recommend asking for Miguel to be your foreman for the job. He oversaw our move from beginning to end and ensured that everything came together smoothly. TDY Moving made our transition as stress-free as possible.

This company lost my TV, One of my Moving Boxes brimming with my garments and my bed braces. Never, ever utilize this company again. Why wouldn't we be able to give 0 stars?

They were convenient, watchful and productive. They went the additional mile for me, making a point to put my furniture and boxes in the right rooms. I would prescribe them to anybody. Top notch folks. Moving furniture is diligent work however they do it well and with neighborly administration.

John and his group were great. They were so courteous, responsive, and dedicated. John asked where our things ought to go and was willing to go the additional mile. The rates were extraordinary and worth the cash!

With two children the move was nice and stress free.

Much appreciated TDY!

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