TDY Moving & Storage

USDOT # 1754924
PUC # 37441
8802 Ditmas Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11236
New York
Contact Phone: (718) 395-7171
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Moving with TDY Moving & Storage

For years, we have a history of excellence providing moving services in New York and the Tri State area. TDY Moving & Storage is proud to inform everyone that we offer a vast variety of services. When we started, our service was on a very small scale. Within time, we gained the trust of our clients, allowing us to further our moving expertise. No matter what type of moving service you require, we can do it for you. We provide local and long distance service for both commercial and residential clients. There are all types of services our clients may require. If it is of importance to you, we can do just about anything you ask. 

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Brilliant experience. It went far better than expected. . The way they packed and shrink wrapped our stuffs and moved on to the truck, they looked like master of moving. This was my second moving experience. The workers of previous company cracked my furniture in such way that those were not for any use. TDY Moving & Storage is attentive to its client's assets as if the customer's stuffs were theirs. Their delivery persons were similarly qualified. I will certainly use them again.

It really annoys me when I see someone has written a bad review about TDY Moving & Storage. I have hired them 3 times in the past; the last one in Jan. Each time these guys deliver exactly what they promise. With time, I feel like they are only getting better. Even during my last move, the movers showed up exactly on time. They were working with robotic precision while packing and loading all my valuables. I am yet to have any hiccups with my moves when this company is handling it. They deserve five star ratings for sure.

When I called TDY Moving & Storage for a quote, the guy on the phone really impressed me. He approached me with great respect and asked me thorough questions about my belongings. He promised to take good care of my valuables and he really did! He sent his men on time, all ready to move me! They did such a good job packing my belongings and delivering them to my new house. I have utmost respect for the skills these guys have.

TDY Moving & Storage sent four movers and truck to move us last months . We had done the packing ahead of time. The movers were very quick and careful loading the things. Some of our rather delicate items were excellently loaded by the crew and every piece was delivered without a single scratch on any of them. The movers checked to ensure that nothing was missing and that everything was in the right condition. It was perfect work by these perfect guys.

I had never moved to another area of the state, much less to another state entirely. But this time I was moving 500 miles away. From the start, everyone I spoke with at TDY Moving & Storage was helpful, professional and courteous. I especially appreciated it when they were explaining the things to be aware of when considering a moving company. I will definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs their services and I will use them again for my next move.

Within an hour of submitting an online inquiry on the site of TDY Moving & Storage , I not only had an email, but a follow up phone call. The movers worked out the type of move that would work best for what I had available to pay and even came in under budget! They were honest and hardworking people.

TDY Moving & Storage delivered all my stuffs to my new place. It was a long journey and before that there was the day when they packed all my belongings and loaded for this journey. I kept faith on them and they did exactly what makes me delighted. Being through the entire work, I found nothing dented or even scratched. Nothing means nothing. Not even a wall or a floor. And here comes the shock. The charge was way below my expectation. Now I have enough reason to be more than happy.

I hired movers from TDY Moving & Storage because I thought their quote was the most reasonable. But I was prepared to do everything to make sure I can cut the cost even more. I thought movers would be so careless. But the movers were highly experienced and careful with my belongings. They did everything and I just sat on a chair in my garden. They were mighty fast- I didn't even have to worry about the cost because the way they worked they probably saved me hundreds of dollars. They handled my relocation with utmost expertise that nothing was lost or broken not to mention that the relocation was done punctually. It was pleasure to work with them.

They did their job with perfection! With the guys from TDY Moving & Storage, I never worried about wasted time. These guys were dead serious! And they were all very nice, polite, and very professional. The most efficient moving experience I've ever had. In previous moves with other companies, I have experienced lots of damages but in this one there was none! Straight forward all the way! You definitely have my strong recommendation.

So many good things to say about TDY Moving & Storage. They are very friendly, helpful, thorough and wonderfully efficient. Nothing was damaged, not even a scratch to my walls. I've moved multiple times in the past and something always goes wrong, but not this time! They are the nicest guys ever! They stuck around to make sure everything was set up right. I can't recommend them highly enough. Thanks a lot for making my move painless.

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