TDY Moving & Storage

USDOT # 1754924
PUC # 37441
8802 Ditmas Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11236
New York
Contact Phone: (718) 395-7171
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Moving with TDY Moving & Storage

For years, we have a history of excellence providing moving services in New York and the Tri State area. TDY Moving & Storage is proud to inform everyone that we offer a vast variety of services. When we started, our service was on a very small scale. Within time, we gained the trust of our clients, allowing us to further our moving expertise. No matter what type of moving service you require, we can do it for you. We provide local and long distance service for both commercial and residential clients. There are all types of services our clients may require. If it is of importance to you, we can do just about anything you ask. 

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TDY Moving & Storage was great. I'm so glad I used them. They made everything easy and worked around my schedule to find a company that could move me exactly when I wanted too. They constantly checked in on me and made sure I was well informed and had everything prepared. Honest, fast, hardworking, and great communication throughout the move. I would definitely recommend this company. Some advice though, ask a lot of questions, make sure you read all the paperwork, and take the time to pack and cover all your belongings well. It makes a difference.

Our recent move was very organized and stayed on task thanks to TDY Moving & Storage. Their staff help to keep everything in order and keep you on task for what needs to be done with each step of the move. The team that came to my home and packed my belongings were courteous, efficient, and careful packing my items. The team that came to my new location were also courteous, efficient and careful unloading a placing my items.

They were friendly, fast, and reliable, and before the sun could set my stuff were neatly placed into my next house. I have moved a couple of times, but I never had service like this before. I would definitely recommend this moving service because they get the job done with no gimmicks.

The crew of four men arrived right on time and they were all very experienced. The foreman led the team very well. They finished the job in a very short time and delivered on time as well. My valuables were safe and sound.

All the movers I hired in the past turned out to be complete unreliable. But finally I found Tdy Moving. They performed just amazingly during my last move. Their quote was spot on, the movers were very capable and everything was very systematic. The best part about this move was the fact that none of my belongings was broken or damaged at the end of the move. These guys charged me very fairly at the end.

First time hiring TDY Moving & Storage and they did a great job. The movers took control and didn't need any assistance. All of the movers were respectful of our things and of the apartment. When I first hired them I was a little nervous since it was over the phone but it turned out to be great the price they quoted me was the price I paid and they do everything by email which is awesome. Would most definitely recommend. Awesome company.

I was taken aback by the price TDY Moving & Storage quoted me. It was substantially lower than the closest quote I got. I was expecting a half-hearted job from the movers. But they really surprised me. The movers were so professional and experienced. The men finished packing everything very quickly and they loaded everything without any issues.

I needed a moving company, which could be cost effective and experienced. I found Tdy Moving. One of my colleagues suggested them to me. Booking online with them was also simple and everything was good with these guys. The movers were great. All my furniture and other belongings reached me safely. They helped me a bunch. I want to give them thanks for a nice experience.

I have no doubts that Tdy moving & storage is the best. I have tried several movers before I used them. Most of those movers were simply good for nothing but the movers of Tdy moving & storage were simply awesome. They knew what they were doing and they had the knowledge and innovation to deal with the odds. I am very happy with their service that I decided to recommend them to anyone who is looking for movers.

My move went so smoothly only because of these guys. They were helpful every step of the way. They arrived on time and wasted no time. They were done packing and loading everything in just 3 hours. The delivery was made on time and all my valuables were undamaged. This is some serious professionalism displayed by this amazing company. On top of everything, they charge very rationally.

Did You Know

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Question AMSA wanted to help consumers avoid untrustworthy or illegitimate movers. In January 2008, AMSA created the ProMover certification program for its members. As a member, you must have federal interstate operating authority. Members are also required to pass an annual criminal back check, be licensed by the FMCSA, and agree to abide by ethical standards. This would include honesty in advertising and in business transaction with customers. Each must also sign a contract committing to adhere to applicable Surface Transportation Board and FMCSA regulations. AMSA also takes into consideration and examines ownership. They are very strict, registration with state corporation commissions. This means that the mover must maintain at least a satisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As one can imagine, those that pass are authorized to display the ProMove logo on the websites and in marketing materials. However, those that fail will be expelled from the program (and AMSA) if they cannot correct discrepancies during probation.


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