TDY Moving & Storage

USDOT # 1754924
PUC # 37441
8802 Ditmas Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11236
New York
Contact Phone: (718) 395-7171
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Moving with TDY Moving & Storage

For years, we have a history of excellence providing moving services in New York and the Tri State area. TDY Moving & Storage is proud to inform everyone that we offer a vast variety of services. When we started, our service was on a very small scale. Within time, we gained the trust of our clients, allowing us to further our moving expertise. No matter what type of moving service you require, we can do it for you. We provide local and long distance service for both commercial and residential clients. There are all types of services our clients may require. If it is of importance to you, we can do just about anything you ask. 

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I hired TDY Moving & Storage because a friend who had hired them before spoke very highly of their skills. I did my research though and found out that they have an amazing reputation in the market. The quote they provided helped making the decision even easier. The movers arrived early on the moving day. They wasted no time in packing everything into boxes. I was quite concerned if all my things would fit into the truck they brought. But in the end, they made a very successful loading. The delivery was made on time and all my things were intact when they reached our new house. This company definitely deserves all the appreciation they get.

We want to very warmly recommend TDY Moving & Storage - real professionals. The moving team showed up right on time, and made the extra effort to ensure everything was packed carefully and arrived in the same condition as it left. The movers were punctual, responsible and quick - in three hours they packed everything efficiently and were very careful with our stuff. A very nice and polite team that made a moving day fun. Thanks for providing this great moving service.

TDY Moving & Storage was excellent right from the 1st enquiry to leaving us happy in our new home. Their sales representative was very responsive and flexible with moving dates and planning and his team of movers were very professional and friendly. They were very efficient and from arriving at our house to leaving us in our new home. The dismantling and reassembling activity was done very quickly. They were very watchful while unpacking. Breakables, such as glass and photo frames, were very well packed in their special packing materials so that it all arrived in one piece. I would definitely recommend this moving company to take the hassle out of moving.

TDY Moving & Storage moved us two weeks ago and they were fantastic. The movers were professional, polite and very hardworking. These guys did a great job from beginning to end. Hassle free quote that was very competitive. Great communication leading up to the move. They called to let us know when they'd be there. All 4 men were friendly and courteous but most importantly they knew what they were doing. They had an attention to detail and made quick work of our move. There were no bad surprises from a payment standpoint and they took very good care of our things I would definitely recommend them and would use them again myself for my next move.

When I started looking for movers my friend recommended TDY Moving & Storage. I requested a quote through their website and within 24 hours by their rep called and we scheduled a move for the following week. The movers provided me a perfect move without any stress and charged me very reasonable both times. Everything went smooth and the way it should be. They do care for their customers and they know how to keep their commitments, which is really rare these days. I think these guys are great. I strongly recommend them.

TDY Moving & Storage recently moved us to our new home and the experience from the beginning to the end was an absolute breeze, which is ideal when you're in a stressful situation like moving. I can't say enough how I appreciated everything they did for us. The initial estimate was super accurate with no hidden fees or charges. The office staffs was very helpful with any questions I had prior to the move. The company arrived in a timely manner and was super friendly and courteous. They worked so hard without taking long breaks like other movers we've used before did. We made it through the move with not one item broken and without so much as a cross word spoken by anyone. I would highly recommend them to others.

I seriously had a great time with TDY Moving & Storage. My move was like a breeze. The packers who came to help were knowledgeable, experience, efficient and hardworking. The house contents were all removed to the new premises on time; correct furniture and boxes delivered to the correct rooms, and there were no knocks or marks on the walls of either property. I would definitely recommend this great moving company to anyone planning a house move, based on the service I received.

I had used TDY Moving & Storage for my move last weekend .These movers were awesome. They moved everything I asked very quickly. They checked with me on everything to make sure it was like I wanted and they changed anything I asked. They had endless energy and were very polite and friendly. I regret not having used such a great moving company for my past moves.

TDY Moving & Storage helped me move twice, everything went nice and smooth, customer service was really helpful, gave me all the necessary information. The 4 person crew was friendly and to-the-second punctual for start time. Whole move took way less time than estimated; though we do take an organized approach to packing up. The moving team was very reliable, came in time for the pickup and delivered in time as well. Would definitely recommend them to my friends and use their service in the future.

I hired TDY Moving & Storage for my recent relocation. The moving team arrived as planned, checked out what they needed to move and set up immediately to accomplish the job. The three movers were friendly, extremely knowledgeable, fast, organized and very careful in each of the moves. The estimated cost was right on. We have hired furniture movers sometime ago. It was drastic: dents, scratches. I will definitely use them again and will recommend it to my friends, neighbors and family.

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