Lana's Moving Corp

USDOT # 967144
1758 West 2ND ST
Brooklyn, NY 11223
New York
Contact Phone: (800) 617-5262
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Moving with Lana's Moving Corp

Lana's Moving Corp is one of the listed services in your region.
Our can transmit assets in your arena from your previous seat to your novel abode. Clients have besides disclosed to us that Lana's Moving Corp is the right in the area.
So, take a vantage of the reviews by following up below, whether you're just reading Lana's Moving Corp inspection or writing them.

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These guys were awesome. They took great care with my furniture and got it out and inside my new place very quickly. Highly recommend!

I am so thankful I found these folks for my turn. They were proficient and productive with everything from stacking up, to emptying. The lead fellow was accessible for any inquiries I had with respect to my turn, and I felt exceptionally open to knowing the majority of my possessions were being dealt with by such an upstanding family claimed company. Much obliged to you !!!

I had a very good experience with this moving company, they worked hard, arrive on time, and pack everything very fast, but carefully at the same time.

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