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New York
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Additional Phone: (888) 501 5771
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Coast to Coast Moving & Storage. has been serving customer's moving needs since 1969. whether you're moving across town or moving to a new state, we can make your moving easy and affordable. We specialize in residential, local, long distance moving, as well as art moving.

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First, they only sent one guy to pack up our two-bedroom apartment, so we had to do most of the packing. Then the one guy shook us down for a tip, and then complained that it was not enough for the loaders downstairs. That was only in bad taste, not actually criminal.

However, then they refused to release our goods to us (after missing deadline after deadline for the actual transport), until we paid twice the original estimate, claiming that it weighed more now than they told us it had when we originally had it packed.

These clowns are dishonest, disreputable crooks. Find another moving company!!

This was my first and last time I will utilize a moving organization (particularly Coast 2 Coast). The business delegate was exceptionally kind and well disposed. I even chose to pay a somewhat higher cost to bolster a nearby organization and work with a fair organization. The men who got my stuff were extremely kind and appeared to handle my things with consideration. However conveyance did not go of course:

- It assumed control 12 days to get my things. (the business rep said on avg it took 5, contract said 10)

- They didn't return telephone brings in an auspicious way. (up to 3 days after the fact with every day calls)

- Moving was outsourced to a Chicago based organization (extremely pleasant individuals however I was attempting to bolster a neighborhood organization)

- My full length reflect and floor light are demolished! The main things that were broken were the things stuffed by Coast-2-Coast. You need to experience an outside back up plan to get 20 pennies for each pound - not in any case worth the bother. My time is worth more than that.

All to say - I won't utilize this organization until the end of time. I wish I had known the greater part of this data before I booked with them.

I needed to add on to my past survey. I recorded a dissension with the BBB too and when the business answered back they not just composed an ineffectively worded email brimming with half contemplations and fragmented sentences yet they totally attempted to pass the buck and straight up lied about not thinking about my objection and said I ought to have quite recently messaged. When I reacted back that not just did I email the 1 email they gave and got no reaction yet I likewise addresses an administrator (who's name I gave) they overlooked the remark totally and attempted to play the were only a family run business and I don't know why they enormous mean woman is singling out me card. So to rehash here and as expressed from the other two objections " HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!" If they really read surveys on here possibly they will comprehend that. Notwithstanding what the 12 year old young lady they have running their client objection office thinks and wrongly expressed. They don't return calls!

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