A1 First Class Moving

PUC # 11346
156 Hinsdale St
Brooklyn, NY 11207
New York
Contact Phone: (800) 545-6683
Additional Phone: (718) 745-3400
Company Site: www.a1firstclass.com

Moving with A1 First Class Moving

We don’t just move things – we move memories. With a variety of options for planning, packing, storage and the actual act of moving, we make sure that we deliver your possessions in a way that’s personal to you and your vision. Everything we do has a rhyme and a reason, and we will do everything in our power to make the transition to your new home as smooth and comfortable as possible.

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I had such a great experience with A-1 First Class. The site survey was easy and welcoming. Joe (our account manager) came by our apartment and paid attention to every detail and gave great advice about packing.

I expected A-1 to be pricey. Not so! When I moved TO my former apartment, I had 1/3 of the stuff. A-1 moved us FROM the apartment for less than 30% more than we paid to move in. Why didn't I use them last time?

The move was (predictably) the hottest day of the year. The moving team put a HUGE effort in, moving us to our 3rd floor walk up. Easy to work with and to direct them, they made a hot day fun!

They are quick, productive, and best of all moderate! They've never harmed anything, and they've generally been to a great degree proficient! They run incredible business.

A-1 was fabulous from beginning to end. They kept in great communicating with us even when we made some last minute changes to planning our parent's move, they were flexible and stayed with us, and did everything we agreed on. The cost was sensible, especially for this level of service. I'd highly recommend A-1.

Proficient, productive and accommodating!!! The most elite individuals!! Makes moving simple!

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