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USDOT # 1611225
310 Walton Ave,
Bronx, NY 10451
New York
Contact Phone: (800) 447-4537
Additional Phone: (212) 223-4004
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Moving with Shleppers Moving Company

The year was 1978. Jimmy Carter was President. New York had three record snowstorms. Rents were $600 for two bedrooms. Co-op was becoming a fashionable word and Shleppers® Moving & Storage started moving.
Over the last 30 years, New York has gotten bigger and better, and Shleppers has grown with it. With dedication to our customers and high standards, Shleppers has grown to be one of the leading moving companies in New York.
Some of New York’s most prestigious businesses and organizations have moved with Shleppers, as well as numerous discriminating celebrities like Richard Gere, John Lennon, Jerzy Kosinski, Debra Gibson, John McEnroe, Alan Alda, Blondie, Joe Gandolfini, and Alfred Molina.
At Shleppers, we always remember that service is our business. It is our responsibility to satisfy and please each and every customer; that is what we strive for each and every time we say, “yes, we’ll be happy to move you.”

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Great Experience with a good crew. Moved my stuff into storage and out. Would def use them again!

Excellent company. They arrived on time, packaged and loaded everything quickly and efficiently and then at my destination, they unloaded and placed everything where requested. I would highly recommend this company and its workers. This is my second time using them

I had a great experience with Schleppers, which my friend recommended I use. They were on time, moved efficiently, and placed everything carefully in the new apartment. They even made it fun--we were listening to music and talking as they wrapped and moved. I already recommended them to a friend, who had a great experience as well.

A very professional experience with Shleppers from beginning to end. I was recommended Shleppers by a friend. After my initial phone call, one of the representatives came in and went around the apartment making notes on their ipad. Within 15 minutes of the visit, we had an accurate and reasonable quote. Booked them on the spot. On the day of the move, the movers arrived on the scheduled time, and packed everything with great care and organization. The unloading and furniture re-assembly was quick and flawless. Would easily recommend this to friends. You know that they have done a great job many times, and are very reasonably priced at the same time.

Great experience and the move price came in right in line with his quote. After *checking around* I was much happier giving a hard working local guy my money then some franchise that only cares about how much money they ring rather than caring about the customer. The movers were professional, - which has become hard to find nowadays. Thanks guys!

Highly recommend not only was the price great but the move was flawless...not even a mark on anything. They protected my stuff as if it was there own. Highly recommend I will use again if I do not resign my lease next year.

I have had Shleppers move different members of my family 3 times in the last 2 months. Each time they have been very professional and don't a great job. I would highly recommend them.

I find it strange how much I like this moving company! As our 4th Manhattan move approached with them, we were relaxed knowing that the variety of men they have on staff are so sweet and sincere about doing a good job. Great attitudes! I love that they do not care if you forget tape or boxes, nothing seems to phase them and the bill does not go up. How weird to look forward to a move and not feel anxiety because they are all so nice! The execution of the moves was excellent too of course!

I have used Shleppers multiple times and never had anything but positive things to say about it. I have used them not only for moving services, but also storage inbetween moves and during a sublet period. They have been timely, friendly, and packed everything so carefully. Nothing was broken, lost, or damaged between the three times I have used them as movers, and the two times I have used their storage services.

On top of that, they were speedy. Moving in New York is such a headache and they made it feel so easy every time. I will definitely be using them going forward for all of my moving and storage needs, and would recommend them to anybody in need of a moving service.

I used Schleppers to move my daughter's 1 bedroom apartment in NYC to another apt 1 block away. We were under time constraints since the one apartment building's service elevator couldn't be used until after 9am, while the other building service elevator shut down at noon. My daughter and I were extremely nervous about the timing of the move. Shleppers had 3 men there at her apt at 8:45am waiting for the service elevator to be able to be used at 9am. By 9:45 her apt was cleared out, by 10:30 everything was moved in new apt. Very impressed with the professionalism of the moving crew we had, we will most certainly use Shleppers again!

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