RDM Transport Group

USDOT # 25982
1133 Tiffany Street
Bronx, NY 10460
New York
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Additional Phone: (718) 991-3300
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Moving with RDM Transport Group

RDM Transport Group provides certain overhaul to our client as we attempt to fulfill our customers needs.
RDM Transport Group can arrive at your relocation easily with services who may live with you every whole step of the elbow room.
RDM Transport Group can get hold of attention of your moving demand, precisely study the followup below.

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I was not a fan. Though the owner did knock off the price for us because it was such a mess, I wouldn't recommend in the future.

I had the best involvement with these folks. I moved around a month prior and I was anxious in light of the fact that I was going into a forward floor stroll up. The folks landed on time and had an extraordinary state of mind the entire time. I would prescribe these folks to any individual who's moving. Absolutely justified, despite all the trouble.

Peacefulness Movers are the BEST!! In the event that you have to move in the NYC range - or to SF, entire heartedly prescribe Serenity. They are proficient to the center - pleasing and decently evaluated with awesome client administration. Max runs a tight ship! Teddy, the foreman, and his team, appeared on time and took care of each part of the move with elegance and consideration. What's more, discuss facilitating the process?!?! I was stunned on how rapidly they got everything on the truck and after that into my place. All that with master bundling. Five stars the distance!!

Superb experience. I had a super early flight out of redmond. I was grabbed by a super well disposed lady and made it right to the airplane terminal with no inconvenience. It was truly invigorating taking such a legit ride and we had awesome discussions for 4 am! Exceptionally prescribed! Will utilize once more. :)

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