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USDOT # 1122518
35 Railroad Ave
Albany, NY 12205
New York
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Additional Phone: (518) 459-0800
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Moving with The Ideal Move

The Ideal Move is one of the largest, most reputable moving companies in New York State. Our team of moving experts can handle all of your moving needs in and around Albany, NY, and our mission statement of Value, Service & Reliability has allowed us to grow to be the "Capital Region's Premier Mover".
With more than 20 years of local and long-distance moving experience under our belts, there's simply nobody better to move you -- so make your next move Ideal!

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WE had always used the ideal move in the past - I would advise against it.
Do not use them f you have or are moving with hardwood floors.
WE had our floors redone prior to moving to our new house, and while there were only a few large scratches to be redone there were many small scratches across the floors. What I saw was the movers sliding the heavy furniture across the floor countless times.Unfortunately , the vp, Todd chose to blame our dogs and our children with SPECIAL NEEDS for the scratches.

On the plus side- the guy who came to give us an estimate was nice and the movers were nice too.

The bottom line- After fighting this and receiving many rude emails from Todd, it will be taken to small claims court- what a shame and what a waste of everyone's time. when you hire movers - you wouldnt expect this.

I have to put one star in order to be able to post this review

They do not deserve one star.

This move has undoubtedly been one of the most stressful moves of my life
I have moved dozens of times having been an Air Force brat and then living all over the world in my lifetime and I've never ever experienced such incompetence and actual meanness for no reason.

So far after a dozen phone they do not return your calls, they still have not been able to track my furniture.

It has been 22 days since they picked up my things and they haven't been able to deliver my furniture or even tell me where it is.
They only say "maybe it'll be here in a few more days".

I fear for the condition it will be in if and when it arrives.

Professional, careful, efficient and diligent. Guy and his team did a great job and took a lot of the hassle out of the moving process.

We hired Ideal Move today. We have dealt with movers before and we have never had a more pleasant experience. We had 3 movers, Rocco, Rob and Dave. They had a huge job to do (4 flights of stairs and a great deal of furniture, equipment and an excessive amount of boxes moving into 3 more floors at the new place). They were nice, proficient, funny and amazingly productive. The price that was quoted was reasonable in the first place, however they figured out how to get us moved in a fraction of the time expected, despite the fact that they needed to remove an entryway and dismantle a cooler to make it fit. I highly recommend Ideal Move to anybody. I truly need to thank those folks again for the colossal job they did. In the event that you are moving, this company is your most solid option.

Extraordinary movers.....from the beginning to the end. No curve balls toward the end. The cost charged after the move was very quote gave. The movers, Rock, John, and Joel took special care of each box, each bit of furniture, each patio nursery instrument like they were their own belonging. Rock stuffed our storage unit so decisively that all things fit great. Incredible group. This is my second move by the Ideal Move this year. I will hire them again in March 2015 to move into my new house.Thanks so much guys!

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