KG Van Lines

USDOT # 2489318
90 State Street Suite #700
Albany, NY 12207
New York
Contact Phone: (518) 650-2517
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KG Van Lines is one of the listed movers in your local area.
Each customer has unlike essential for their , which is why KG Van Lines provides overhaul and removal firm to do our comfortably to adapt them.
KG Van Lines can necessitate attention of your moving requirements, precisely take the recap below.

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This company is the worst of the worst. They will lie to you to get your money and then it is all down hill. They took a month longer than they LEGALLY had (yes the DOT gives them a legal amount of time) to deliver HALF of my belongings. God knows where the rest of them are. They will not return phone calls or emails, and now I am forced to hire a lawyer to try and get compensations from this POS group of people. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Before I start my review, it is vital that everyone knows that KG Van Lines is a fraud. On their website, they claim to have 100 trucks. The truth is that they have one and two drivers. They are not who they claim.
I did not choose to do business with this company. I contracted with International Van Lines who sold my contract to KG Van Lines. KG picked up my things in Louisiana on May 30, 2018. IVL had given me a bid of $2200. KG quickly inflated it to $6700 with bogus charges and over-charges. I had to move that day, I bit the bullet. What I did not notice at the time was that KG utilized a Bill of Lading and Revised Estimate forms from another company without that company's knowledge or permission. I found this out when my load was delayed and delayed and I called the company on the paperwork and learned I did not have a file with them. It is now exactly 24 days and I still do not have my things. I cannot get an answer from KG Van Lines or a straight answer from International Van Lines. I get an occasional angry and threatening text from KG's driver, and one screaming call from the owner of KG that I could not understand because he could not speak English even slightly well. I am without my things, I have MS and sleeping on an air mattress has really made things worse. I am in a position where a company has possession of my goods but I do not have a contract with them. I am at wits end.

The worst company to ever hire. Had to load and unload my stuff. They were late and and late on delivery. Do not hire them

If I could give them zero stars I would. Do not hire them they are a scam and freuds

They did a great job! They were professional, competent, and took pride in every step from the process. I like the effort they put to make sure my items were safely and securely transpoorted

Please don't use this company. They working unprofessionally.

This moving wasn't so terrible, they arrived an hour after the set hour, they upload all the things, and we help them a little to fast things up, the entire process was however alright.

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