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PUC # 56609
3028 Governor Mechem Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Santa Fe
New Mexico
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Additional Phone: (505) 690-1995
Company Site: www.zenmovers.com

Moving with Zen Movers

Zen Movers will provide servicing to our customers as we endeavor to contact our customers plans.
Each customer has dissimilar prerequisite for their , which is why Zen Movers provides servicing and mover to serve our best to suit them.
Indeed, take a advantage of the reviews by reviewing article below, whether you're merely reading Zen Movers critical review or writing them.

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I enlisted these movers to move my furniture and some of my effects from a storage unit to my new home. The two men that showed up were truly kind, great folks. In any case, they didn't have experience. They were not by any means sufficiently strong to carry everything and they were slow. The two men I had helping me in Montana could do the same work in a fraction of the time. Along these lines, this mover is quite costly.

Did You Know

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