Cissell Transfer and Storage

USDOT # 102745
400 Sycamore
Clovis, NM 88101
New Mexico
Contact Phone: (888) 763-7321
Additional Phone: (575) 763-7321
Company Site:

Moving with Cissell Transfer and Storage

Cissell Transfer and Storage will supply services to our clientel as we endeavor to fulfil our clients expectations.
Our moving and storage company can enthrall asset in your expanse from your previous situation to your freshly hall. Customers have likewise disclosed to us that Cissell Transfer and Storage is the comfortably in the territorial dominion.
Additionally, take a reward of the reviews by inspection below, whether you're merely reading Cissell Transfer and Storage revaluation or writing them.

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DO not trust them, when they shipped my stuff to Germany from Melrose, NM(military) they stole several items from me!! several knives and expensive Lego sets to name a few!

I simply utilized OM to for my turn to focal Florida. They movers touched base on time, were exceptionally proficient and neighborly. They wrapped the greater part of my furniture for safe transport and set each thing precisely where I asked at the destination. Frankie was additionally exceptionally wonderful to talk with. I delighted in working with this moving company. I don't lament going through my cash with Orange Movers, AND their rate more than reasonable contrasted with different movers I have utilized as a part of the past. I am totally fulfilled. I would give 5 stars, yet the folks were not completely outfitted with their own instruments on this day. Indeed, even along these lines, they took additional consideration to get my furniture moved in one piece. Not a scratch found.

I have had a completely loathsome involvement with Reliable Transfer. They came and stuffed my things into a carton and I was guaranteed they would make it to Seattle with in 2 weeks. I was told I would be called when my container arrived. The week of the eighth went back and forth, and I hadn't heard anything. We cleared out no less than 4 messages and never heard anything back.

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