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USDOT # 2232351
3 Applegate Drive
Trenton, NJ 08691
New Jersey
Contact Phone: (800) 326-4736
Additional Phone: (516) 543-0833
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Bohren's, headquartered in New Jersey, is a highly regardedhousehold,commercial,international,tradeshow and exhibit movingcompany. We have expertise inrecords and media storage, special commodities handling and crating and asset management.
From our beginning in 1924, when E.L. Bohren invested in a Model T truck and small warehouse space in Princeton, New Jersey, we have believed that customer satisfaction is the only true competitive edge.
Now, over 80 years and four generations later, this attention to detail and insistence on quality have produced a major mover with a spotless reputation for customer service.
Bohren's teamed with United Van Lines, the nation's largest mover, in 1955 and has grown to encompass two facilities in New Jersey and two in Florida.

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I would really like to give Bohrens/United FIVE stars! Packers were Excellent in working hard and wrapping things extremely well! Movers on the 'out' and on the 'in' worked hard and fast and did not leave one scratch on the walls or floors. They misplaced some of our garage material while in storage and were very prompt and fair in cutting a reimbursement check. They went beyond our contracted delivery date, and were again very prompt in issuing us a check for $100 for each late day, which worked out great for us, as we were staying with relatives.

So why a 3? Why 2 stars down? The salesman, the 40-year veteran, and the relation to the President was a complete idiot!! This moron came to our house on TWO occasions, because we took the first estimate for move only, and the 2nd estimate for packing the remainder of our house after we packed perhaps a third. My sole direction to him was A NOT GREATER THAN PRICE. I WANT TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT MY FINAL CHARGE IS BEFORE WE MOVE. I am pretty sure we pay a higher tariff rate to have that 'price assurance' and there is a contract caveat that they WILL charge more if the actual move is more than their 10% overage allowance And he talks and talks and talks of his 40 years of experience and how his competitors are disingenuous or idiots and this idiot missed the packed box count and the total weight of the move by 25-30% !! FORTY YEARS EXPERIENCE AND A TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT MISS ON THE ESTIMATE!! Within 5 minutes of the Packers pulling up to the house with the paperwork, the lead guy called out this mistake, which was OBVIOUS to him, and at the end of the storage/move we got charged with $2000 additional on top of over $15K that was supposedly a STRAIGHT TALK PRICE ASSURANCE ORDER FOR SERVICE/BILL OF LADING !! So the salesman was a 1-star and I split the difference.

I would very prescribe this company. I utilized Borhen's 10 years back and utilized them again for a late move. They could suit out of here short notice following our home sold in a couple of days with settlement in 30 days. The movers appeared on time and worked relentless to get the truck stacked. Borhen's put away the greater part of our furniture since our new development home wasn't done. I was additionally inspired with the stock documentation framework utilized by numbering all things and cross checking the rundown to ensure all things were conveyed. The majority of the furniture was conveyed in great condition, with the exception of 2 little dings on a table. For a twofold move, that is not awful and a case structure has been submitted.

This company is extremely proficient from the begin with the point by point proposition furnished until the end with the conveyance.

I have had Bohren's turn me twice now. The first occasion when, I was working solely with the Robbinsville office. They were incredible - quick, mindful, proficient. No grumblings, notwithstanding hauling my huge amounts of stuff up to my third floor stroll up!

The second time, I had them both pack and move me. I required a to a great degree a minute ago move, so to oblige my calendar needs, I had the Robbinsville office pack for me and the Parsippany office move me. Both teams were awesome. Can't say enough great things in regards to them. I was unimaginably focused and fatigued because of muddled lease transactions, yet everybody with Bohren's was patient, proficient, and productive.

I'm sharing this for both Parsippany and Robbinsville, since I worked through both workplaces and had incredible administration from them two.

After a REALLY BAD involvement with a specific state-centered nearby moving company, working with Bohren's was an immense alleviation and I would prescribe them without reservations!

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