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USDOT # 2567815
1812 Front Street
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
Scotch Plains
New Jersey
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Additional Phone: (201) 273-9500
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Moving with Vector Moving

Vector Moving was founded with an idea to make the relocation process very easy and stress free. We are fully licensed and insured moving company approved within the state of NJ. We only hire experienced movers, our professional team will go an extra mile to provide detailed moving plan to ensure the smoothest move you will ever experience!

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the movers were the best i have ever work with. I moved a couple of times before, hiring both local and long distance movers and i can say this was the best experience i had. Peter and his crew came on time and while I was doing the paperwork, movers got to work.

Good look out on the curio cabnet. I was a little worried when you took it down the stairs. Jim your amazing. If there was an award for moving you would get it. The girl in the office thanks you were right your do know what there doing. Again thank you for amazing move Vector Moving

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