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According to the United States Census Bureau , the township had a total area of 19.029 square miles (49.286 km 2 ), including 18.835 square miles (48.782 km 2 ) of land and 0.194 square miles (0.504 km 2 ) of water (1.02%).
The township lies on the south side of the Raritan Valley , a line of cities in Central Jersey , along with New Brunswick , Highland Park and South Plainfield . Piscataway is 45 minutes southwest of New York City and 53 minutes northeast of Philadelphia .
Piscataway is bordered by nine municipalities: Dunellen , Edison , Highland Park , Middlesex , New Brunswick and South Plainfield in Middlesex County and Franklin Township and South Bound Brook in Somerset County and Plainfield in Union County .
Society Hill (with a 2010 Census population of 3,829 ) is a unincorporated community and census designated place (CDP) located within Piscataway Township.
Piscataway is often segmented by local residents into unincorporated communities, localities and place names which include Arbor, Bound Brook Heights ("the Heights"), Fellowship Farm , Fieldville , Johnson Park, Lake Nelson, New Brunswick Highlands, New Market (known as Quibbletown in the 18th Century), Newtown , North Stelton , Possumtown , Randolphville , Raritan Landing and Riverview Manor . The original village settlement of Piscatawaytown is located in present-day Edison Township .
Significant portions of Piscataway make up part of historic Camp Kilmer and the Livingston and Busch Campuses of Rutgers University .
The Arbor and New Brunswick Highland sections of Piscataway were historically African American neighborhoods.
The New Market section historically comprised the Quaker village of Quibbletown. The early name of the village originated from the fact that settlers of different religious denominations quibbled about whether the Sabbath should be observed on Saturday or on Sunday in the village.
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