Dan The Affordable Moving Man

USDOT # 1658132
270 Spring St
Newton, NJ 07860
New Jersey
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: (973) 945-7787
Company Site: www.dantheaffordablemovingman.com

Moving with Dan The Affordable Moving Man

Don’t pay the high costs of those big commercial movers. Let a family owned moving company be your low cost high quaility solution. The Moving business has been a family tradition since 1903. We pride ourselves on Customer Satisfaction as we rely on your recommendations for our future business. Dan the Affordable Moving Man is the 4th generation of movers specializing in moves within New Jersey. We are located in North NJ and serve the following counties Essex, Morris, Bergen, Warren, Passiac, Union, Hudson, Sussex and Hunterdon.
We specialize in local or long distance moves. If you are looking for a quality company that will put its customers first then you have come to the right place. Making sure the job gets done on time and correctly is the most important thing.

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Dan and his crew were awesome! Dan was great to deal with and he delivered. We felt price was fair and they were nice hard working guys. Move was a little tricky and Dan was extremely knowledgeable. Final price was less then estimated ~ when does that ever happen? We could not have been happier with move. Would highly recommend using Dan

Moving is so stressful but Dan and his crew were so professional, polite and true gentlemen. They even arrived a few minutes early, wrapped everything and carefully moved my belongings with ease. Will highly recommend Dan the Man to all my friends and colleagues. Thanks guys!

They were snappy, deferential and careful. I would prescribe this group to anybody hoping to move! Our land specialist suggested this organization and I know why!

Dan is absolutely a dependable mover and does it much less expensive than the other moving companies. I've used him twice so far and I'm very much satisfied with his work, both Dan and Ray make an incredible team. No damage to any of our furniture for both moves. Keep being awesome guys!

So let me simply begin at first I was truly apprehensive. I have never utilized movers and I didn't know what to think. Be that as it may, they were extraordinary. Super expert, they showed up two or three days before to make sense of what all would have been moved. At that point the two folks appeared at the time guaranteed and they were awesome folks. Super cautious with all my stuff and everything was moved so rapidly. They began at 7am and were finished by around 9am. I was outrageously inspired nothing got softened or harmed up any way. The folks were so magnificent and I am truly happy we utilized Dan The Affordable moving man :).

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