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New Jersey
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By providing specific service to Economic Moving Group supplies sure serve to our clients as we attempt to gratify all of our clients motive . To our clients, we need to placate the need of our customer groundwork.
Our can send plus in your expanse from your former home to your freshly hall. Clients have likewise disclosed to us that Economic Moving Group is the secure in the territorial dominion.
customers have also disclosed to us that Economic Moving Group is the most adept in this district. Check out our Economic Moving Group reviews below for ratification.

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Ecomonic Moving Group was the worst move I ever had and I have made many moves. The price quotes was $5500.00 the truck was loaded than I was told the cost was $11,000 dollars. The driver and loaders purposely took their time and tried to take me for every cent they could. When trying to contact the company nobody could be contacted. When furniture was delivered several pieces were damaged and the driver would not set up the furniture, he said it was against company policy. Customer service was terrible and before you let them load your furniture make sure you confirm the agreed upon price. I hope nobody has to go through what I experienced.

If you had a rating scale to a negative 1 million stars they would still get that rating. This company is a fraud and scam. They will be very nice a give you great quote and promise you anything when signing the agreement(fine print does not match what they have told you), but once they pick up your belongings they have all the power and will continue to add on charges and threaten to never return your things, with additional charges accruing if you challenge or delay them. I was on the phone with them daily for 3 weeks trying to fight these charges, but they will never back off and if you wait too long they will add more. On reservation, they will take a credit card, but that is the last secure transaction you will be making. They will not take anything short of cash, PO money order(would not accept bank money, I believe this is because it is traceable) or wire transfer. After they took our things, they would only accept a wire transfer to an unmarked bank account given and a piece of paper. We had to have them sign a new contract, legally binding(which they broke upon delivery) to verify this transaction. I believe, wholeheartedly, that they employ illegal immigrants and participate in tax evasion with this business model. My worst fear is that there is actually human/drug trafficking going on. They drive across the country in unmarked vans. You also will not be dealing with this company. They subcontract out the entire move. We talked to at least 3 different moving company that transport our things. When they finally did arrive at the final destination there was extensive damage to our property after also incurring thousands of dollars in bogus up charges(most notably, our things fit into a storage unit smaller that the space they charged and still would not refund us any money). We are currently looking into legal action on this company for many of the reason listed above.

If this has happened, to anyone else I urge you to pursue legal action against this company, because they violated multiple laws and just hide behind they fact that they will be more stubborn than you will be.

They were really committed to there word and services. The crew showed up on time and finished the job as estimated and expected. Natalie was wonderful. She goes above and beyond in order to accommodate and help her customers. Just provide an accurate list of the items being moved you will not have any issues or additional charge. When the movers Showed up They carefully took my furniture apart, Patrick and his men were very nice and efficient and know how to use their time wisely. I will definitely use economic moving group for my future moves and highly recommend them to anybody looking for quality moving services.

This is a horrible company!!!!!! Do not use!!!! We received our damaged good after 26 days!!!! We were also charged 60% more than the bid at the pickup then another $500 when it finally reached our office. We were also told we had to move the items off the truck into our office.

Please don't use this moving group. If I could give them 0 Stars, I would. This is a long saga. But i'll stick the lowest points. The mover said they would give me 24 hour notice to when they would pick up my belongings. At 3 pm on a Sunday (the day before my 2 day moving window), the moving guys called and said they were 30 minutes away. So much for 24 hour notice. When they came the next day (because who is ready for a move before their move date), they came up to my apartment, looked at my stuff, and went promptly back to their truck. They never said they needed to call the "home office" about my move. Apparently my estimate was grossly under what i actually had, despite going item by item over the phone. After waiting 45 minutes, I called the mover who scheduled my mover and was told my move (of a 1 bedroom apartment) would go from $1790 to $3500. Suffice to say, I was extremely displeased. They told me I could have my items delivered to my house after a few days in storage. I asked several times if this could be accommodated since I was starting a new job 600 miles away and could not accommodate a week day move. They said yes. Well wouldn't you know 5 days after my 2 day move in window, I was still belonging-less. Once again they told me i'd get 24-hour notice about when the movers would be there. At 11 am on a Thursday, I got a call that the truck was 1 hour away from my new home. I happened to be out of town on business and they told me it would cost an extra $600 for the truck to wait in this area for me to get back. (this price was later upped to $1500 after a verbal phone argument.) What may have been the worst part of this experience was being told that I was talking to supervisors and I was clearly being handed around a room of inexperienced recent high school grads with the maturity level of a 12 year old. One gentleman, cursed me out on the phone, ending the conversation with "and your hair is fake too." All because I pushed back on all the extra fees I was being charged. In the end my quote of $1790 went to: $2980: $500 deposit $638 paid at pick up and $1842 paid at drop off with $250 paid in fees for a "long carry" at pick up and $200 paid in fees for "elevator usage" at drop off. This place is a scam, they are extremely incompetent and unprofessional. I urge every person to cancel their move if they are already scheduled or be ready to deal with children who only serve a purpose of making your move unbearable.

We had another company cancel on us over the Memorial Day weekend because their crew could not make it because the traffic was too hectic. Economic Moving Group literally came to our rescue and moved us the day after Memorial Day at no extra charge. Byron and his crew wrapped everything up and took care of our furniture as if it was their own. This crew was courteous, professional & extremely fast. They took care of us in a huge bind at the last minute and we will never use any other company again. We absolutely recommend these guys.

Highly recommend these guys to anyone moving in South Florida. They arrived on time, got all my stuff into the truck quickly, on the delivery day, promptly unpacked everything with no hassle whatsoever. This took about a week for a long distance move to be delivered. we moved all the way to New Jersey. they charged us 3400 for a 3 bedroom apartment. This was exactly what they quoted me over the phone. I will definitely be using them again.

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