Traditional Express Van Lines

USDOT # 2373664
212 Durham Avenue Suite 102
Metuchen, NJ 08840
New Jersey
Contact Phone: 888-985-4347
Additional Phone: (855) 262-8312
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Moving with Traditional Express Van Lines

Traditional Express Van Lines is one of the listed movers in your local area.
Traditional Van Lines can ship your belongings in your country from your sometimeplazato your brand new move. Traditional Express Van Lines can pick out upkeep of your moving demand, but study the inspection below.

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I've done my first interstate moving with this company. I was very nervous about it because my lease was expiring and my new apartment in Brooklyn wasn't ready after renovation, so I had to move out from my actual place and keep my stuff for a couple of weeks. Friend of mine suggested Traditional Van Lines, I sent them an email with date and time I want to load stuff and for how long I'm gonna need to keep it before moving into another apartment. They gave me an response literally within 20 mins. Movers came in time and start loading the stuff covering everything in blankets and shrink wrap. By the way Foreman John Frise and the guys were very nice and joking all around. I did like their attitude! So they loaded all the stuff and drove to their warehouse with it. I met the same crew in couple weeks on my new place and they were doing the same great job. There was no damage, no scratches on my furniture and everything was literally perfect. I definitely suggest to everyone Traditional Van Lines, this guys know what they doing and I felt great to be their customer!

Scheduled the move last December and several changes were made since then. Despite changes in the manifest Mitch was very accommodating. Moving day came, there was misunderstanding but they ironed it out. Josh was very professional and explained to me how everything works. I was a little over what was agreed upon but they didnt stress about it. Great job!

I recently had a move with Traditional Express. To be honest, I originally went with them because the rate they quoted was lower than some of the other local companies. That being said, I went in skeptical but was pleasantly surprised with the overall experience. I had some more fragile items like china, paintings as well as some electronics. They successfully made it to my new apartment unscathed. Needless to say, i'm happy overall.

This review is for pick up today for my move from DC to NYC. Josh and his team were awesome. They did the job well and reassured me that everything would be taken care of so I could relax. Go Josh & team!

I have moved before and have not had great experience in the past. That was until I hired this company. They put all my worry to rest and I couldn't be happier with the service they provided. Kind courteous staff from beginning of the process until the end. The movers handled my belongings carefully and secured that nothing would be damaged. Also I have used storage for two months for free before moving into the new home. The crew was very friendly and cleaned up boxes, etc before leaving. Very affordable! I would tell everyone I know to use these guys for their move!

This is hands down the most responsible company I've ever moved with. I had some of my belongings down in Florida, and the crew loaded them and had them in my apartment in NYC within 4 days! I was also offered some free packing materials and up to 2 months of storage.And that's with me not even being present at the pickup!
The movers made a detailed inventory list with stickers on each item and box, so it was really easy to check that all of my things arrived in full.
The representatives were very attentive to the details - I was made sure there won't be any surprise charges, and there weren't indeed. Definitely choosing this company if ever need to move again. They are professionals - all the way from the sales and dispatch team to packers and diligent movers.
It's hard to trust moving companies nowadays, but if you go with Traditional - you're definitely and most attentively taken care of.

We recently hired Traditional Express Van Lines for a full loading and unloading service (that included packing). They gave me a very convincing price which their service even exceeded the actual cost that I spent. We scheduled the move on the 10th of November.

The movers arrived an hour early on the schedule date and wasted no time. They started setting things and prepared them for the move. They were fast, took great care of our things, travelled smartly and efficiently. This is the fastest moving experience, I didn't know that it would take lesser time traveling from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I would definitely recommend them to anyone else moving in the Manhattan area!

I've been looking for a long distance movers company ASAP because I receive a job offer in NYC and was needed to move out from Denver within a couple of days. It's so stressful for me every time I move, I couldn't decide which company to choose so my friend recommended me this one. Traditional express van lines did a great job - thanks to Mike Carpenter and his team. I've had plenty of a fragile items of my furniture, like glass computer desk, pretty big fish tank, 65" tv and lots of more items I was worried about. These guys wrapped everything professionally, carried all of my stuff from 2nd story in Denver to the 4th story in Manhattan (no elevator ) with no damage or delays. I hope I will never move again, but when I will move - I'll definitely contact this company again!

ecided to chose Traditional express to move for work again.
I was planning to use the same moving company which I used 2years ago but their quote was way higher than those guys gave me.
I had freight elevator reserved for two hours and stressed to the sales rep that the crew should arrive in time and they did.
They sent an experienced foreman and he was taking great care in packing and wrapping of my belongings. He even helped me to take down a tv rack as my toolbox was already packed.
Even my neighbors who saw the furniture being carried out of my apartment asked me for their business card because they were amazed at the quality of the wrapping service.
All in all great experience and I do believe they will move me again in future.

First time Moving overall, such a pleasant experience despite the stories i heard about moving scams. Professional customer care specialist James. Great on time,for the pick up and deliveries. Will suggest this company for long distance moves. A friend of mine used their services too. He was happy. Thank you Traditional Express for Caring Hands.

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