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Employee relocations are a fact of life today, and by continuing to increase well into the 21st century, they will place uncompromising demands on the human resources departments charged with moving personnel, often entire divisions at a time. To help you meet this challenge, Always Affordable Moving & Storage Inc offers a series of relocation strategies that minimize the stress and downtime associated with corporate relocations. Tailored to meet the special needs of the corporate transferee, our program eases the transition for organizations and their families and helps assure compliance with bottom-line financial goals.

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Contracting Always Affordable Moving and Storage was the best thing I could do to make moving my effects from Massachusetts to Texas a simple, consistent exchange. My first contact, Anthony, was proficient and made a special effort to encourage my turn. Next I was in contact with Cal who was likewise extremely proficient, simple to work with, pleasing and learned. Neither of these men gave me a "hard deals" line, rather they were forthright and sensible when it came to cost and timetables. Cal made himself accessible upon the arrival of my turn which was consoling as my turn date fell between snowstorms leaving 8 feet of snow heaped toward the end of my carport! It was notwithstanding snowing on my turn day. Anton, the dispatcher gave me reports with respect to my movers entry time. Anthony and Enrid, my movers went well beyond to make the move happen regardless of the climate and conditions. They snatched scoops to uncover the snow bank so as to get the truck into the carport. The majority of the AAMS individuals showed a "can-do" demeanor which was encouraging amid a particularly upsetting circumstance. I'm so happy I discovered AAMS among the greater part of the movers competing for my business. For these reasons among numerous others, I profoundly prescribe them.

Appraisals are extremely deceptive. They just weigh and they won't overestimate as i was told. I reached them in regards to why they were assessing such a variety of boxes to move my mother. She asked for certain furniture things and they were not on the request. At that point when the movers got to her home, they declined to take furniture since they said it would void the agreement. They place you in contact with such a large number of various individuals no big surprise their procedure fizzles. Client administration couldn't have cared less, they quite recently continued saying "goodness, so the move is done and your stuff isn't broken!" I know need to lease an Uhaul and drive 500 miles to pickup the remaining things get didn't bring. They are not BBB licensed which is as it should be!

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