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USDOT # 2250543
400 Winans Ave
Hillside, NJ 07205
New Jersey
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Additional Phone: (973) 923-0700
Company Site: www.ozmoving.com

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In 1993, Oz Moving and Storage accomplished something no other moving organization would ever long for – they began putting the phone number of the NYS DOT (the administration office that licenses and manages moving organizations) on the back of each truck and in each and every notice. Each customer that required an appraisal was encouraged to simply "call the DOT before settling on your definite conclusion". Why did they do this? Straightforward – to energize general society and potential customers to teach themselves before picking a mover. At the time, the moving business was brimming with here now gone again later tricksters that tore of individuals and made a huge number of dollars before shutting everything down and re-opening under another name. By attracting the customer with a "low-ball" value, they kept on getting rich at people in general's cost, and make it harder for genuine persevering organizations to bring home the bacon. What did this lead to? Neighborhood NYC Movers getting it together. It got to be harder for tricksters to trick now that individuals were educated, and when the purchasers were defrauded, they called the DOT to determine their issues. It likewise helped the DOT and FBI pin down the offenders.

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Moving was not easy but the movers from Oz were nice, helpful, understanding and great at moving. I would recommend them to any friend or family. Very positive experience!

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