A1 Moving & Storage

USDOT # 2828385
265 Malcolm Avenue 1st Floor
Garfield, NJ 07026
New Jersey
Contact Phone: 1 800-550-9711
Additional Phone: (201) 884-0699
Company Site: a1movingstorage.com

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We had many problems with our move. We were guaranteed that the move would be both started and finished on the same day. We had an urgent flight on the morning of the next day. We called to track our goods and were told they were unsure when our goods would be delivered, but probably not for a few days, when we would not be available to receive them.

After a great deal of calling and pleading, our goods were eventually delivered the next day. Their unloading, however, took so long that even after 3 hours none of our few items were reassembled, despite this being included in the delivery fee. When we eventually returned home and inspected our items we noted several were damaged and at least one box of goods was missing. A1 Moving and Storage has refused to help find or return our missing goods and has stated we should file a claim for lost or damaged items. We were also charged an extra several hundred dollars beyond their estimate.

They lied to us throughout our move and in the weeks afterwards, with regards to the timing and duration of the move, its cost, and their resolving our complaint. In several telephone calls to remediate this situation after our move, where we either sought the return of our items or to be compensated for their being damaged or lost, their staff was alternately rude or dismissive.

I strongly recommend against using this company for your move.

Magdi and Mossa did a really great job today! Really efficient and all stuff are safe and put all things back to what it was. Great guys. Thank you for today's move.

Awesone moving service. Were ontime and very considerate, I would definately use them and recomend them again.

Very good movers. Took care of everything. The two guys. We're very nice. Got the move done in 5 hours. Wagdy and Ray were awesome

Friendly, fast and efficient! They have great customer service and kept a smile on their face the entire move! This friendliness helped made the situation less stressful!

Great moving company, very efficient and careful with all of the items!Good price; very straightforward, honest people; no hidden fees. Would highly recommend!

I definitely recommend this place to anyone. They did an awesome job and the price is pretty good too! Thank you

Best service! They're friendly, professional and efficient. I would highly recommend them to all my friends!

These guys are awesome. Super professional and on time. Top Rating!

A1 Moving & Storage was super friendly and they were careful with all my items. They were fun to talk to and they made moving less stressful than if I were to accomplish the task by myself. Highly recommended

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