United Movers Group

USDOT # 2793178
130 W 13 St
Bayonne, NJ 07002
New Jersey
Contact Phone: (877) 754-3574
Additional Phone: (201) 208-8470
Company Site: www.unitedmoversgroup.com

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United Movers Group in a licensed broker in the U.S.A.

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I moved from Indiana to Naples Florida and had the worse customer service experience with this company. First of all the initial quote, by Frank was $1800 with 2 months of storage. However, that was not the amount that was demanded at the time of the move. The move cost went from $1800 to over $5000 with 2 months of storage. The agreement was to store my stuff for 2 months in Indianapolis then deliver the load to my new home. Unfortunately with only 1 week to leave my sold home I had to agree to the new amount. They had me Shanghaied! At this point I had given United Movers $2900. Well...9 days later I received a call at work stated my stuff was in Naples and they could deliver it that day. I stated that was the agreement. They stated that that was not part of their paperwork. I stated it was on mine. It was also told to me that Frank had "screwed up another order" and that he was no longer employed by United Movers. Then through a series of phone calls "David" stated he would get it stored. Then no other phone call was received to state where my stuff was at. They leave at 5Pm and when I got out of work no one could tell me where my stuff was at This was already a nerve racking day as it was also the day I closed on sold home. It was not until the next day when I called "David" and found out my stuff was in Fort Lauderdale. Again my stuff was Shanghaied! Unfortunately, My job took an extra 3 weeks to complete which I was willing to pay reasonable storage fees. I called United Movers the day I was done with my job and asked for delivery of my stuff. It was stated at that time that they would get back to me to see when a driver was available. 3 weeks later after a few unanswered messages and unable to get through to someone, I received a call about when I would like my stuff. I stated Now", then they hit me with the bill...0VER $4100 which included a "re-delivery fee" - $500, plus $1000 for storage. I talked to the supervisor "Walter" who was basically unwilling to hear me that I didn't want to pay the $500 re-delivery fee, because this was the first time I was arranging a delivery. He kept clicking off the phone as if to Mute me. It was very rude! He basically told me I needed o have cash or a certified check when the delivery occurs. A personal check was perfectly fine on the other 2 occasions that United Movers received funds from me. Either "pay or you don't get your stuff"...Period! Shanghaied Again! I was not given a day or time when My stuff would be delivered. Again "we will call you back"... I asked for them to call me by the end of the day and it is almost 4pm now... I am still waiting. United Movers has very poor telephone customer services, as well as a their employees would greatly benefit in personal interaction training.

Worst experience ever, even a star is not worth at all.
Unprofessional staffs, no delivery on time, had to wait for a week for which they told to deliver with in 2-3 days, no body responds to your call or email after you send your stuffs and you pay part of the charge. Missing legs for kitchen table and several broken table legs, missing one of the bed wheel. Tired of trying to reach company for the claim but nobody receives the call, never calls you back after voice message and not even responds to email. Staffs wont unload your stuffs until you hand them all the payment saying its a company policy. Asked the driver the phone number that is responded to claim the missing items, gave a wrong number with wrong name.
Never ever make a deal with such a worst mover or else end up being cheated like us.

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