Admiral Van Lines

USDOT # 2065280
63 New Hook Rd Suite 1B
Bayonne, NJ 07002
New Jersey
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Additional Phone: (201) 437-1919
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Moving with Admiral Van Lines

We understand how stressful finding a New York moving company can be. At Admiral Van Lines, we make it easy to find all the transportation and storage services, where you need them, all under one roof.  Don't take our word for it; take a look at the facts!
  • Free In-Home Estimates - The price you're quoted is the price you pay. Guaranteed.
  • Competitive Pricing - Moving with the best van line in the world is surprisingly affordable.
  • Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery Dates - We will be there on-time, every-time. Guaranteed.
  • Background-Checked, Qualified Professionals - No one enters your home we wouldn't let enter ours.
  • Innovative, Groundbreaking Technology - Admiral Van Lines new technologies keep you moving forward.

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You will not mind paying these guys! They move you so well that you will think they charge way less than they deserve! They are very efficient, caring and professional! They move you like no other! They move you within the given time and they make sure you are moved without any damages. My recent move was done by these fells. They were in and out very quickly. They moved me without any damages or mistakes. I paid exactly what I was quoted in the beginning and there were no extra fees. I really had a good time. I strongly recommend Admiral van lines to all.

I recently had to make the tough decision to move NJ to MI because of a new job offer I had received. I have a friend who recommended this company Admiral van lines to me. I had a wonderful experience as the staffs were very professional in how they conducted their job. I would say that anyone who needs to have their stuff moved very quickly should give these guys a call; I am sure that they will give you the same amazing work that I experienced.

Admiral van lines is a first class establishment. Arrived on time, carefully packed everything with cardboard and shrink wrap. I've literally never seen a company so careful with how they packed and organized. They stayed in contact with me so I always knew their ETA and stayed well within the slated packing time. I would use this moving company again.

I am amazing at their job professionally. I am so joyful that I chose Admiral van lines to move my things. I did not have too much stuff to be moved but of course, I still wanted to hire professionals. On a moving day, two workers arrived at my place right on time and began with the job. They were super nice and friendly. The guys were so careful with my furniture, especially with my new leather sofa. They packed everything and when we arrived at my new place they rearranged all my stuff where I wanted.

This is a second time I've dealt with Admiral van lines. The movers were very great and professional. I had so much to pack up so they worked with me on that and I was really grateful. I was really impressed overall. When I got to my new place they put all the boxes in each room where they should go. Compared to my last moving experience, this company is definitely great. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

I wanted to share my own moving experience which is very different than others. I recommend this company when you are looking for professional movers. I actually booked my move last minute and I was very worried things will not go through smoothly. The sales rep was very helpful. He walked me throw the process proving information to my entire question. The price was accurate and on the day of the move the movers arrived on time, packed and load my belongings in 3 hours and very professionally. I got my stuff 3 days later. Thank you Admiral van lines.

We hired Admiral van lines to move our belongings because when we asked around most people advised us to hire them. They were simply brilliant. The team was very well trained and they knew exactly how to pack valuable things. The men worked tirelessly packing up every object we own. They were done with the packing and loading really quickly. I was quite satisfied with their efficiency. They made the delivery on time and none of our stuffs were broken or damaged and no boxes went missing. In future, I plan to use their services again.

I had hired Admiral van lines for our recent move. They responded quickly on their website and on the phone and gave me information and an estimate once I spoke to them. I was able to make moving plans within a week with them which was great as they were able to accommodate our budget and time for the move. On the day of the move, they called me 30 minutes before the scheduled arrival. The foreman was very experienced. All of our items were packed properly and arrived in their original shape. We greatly appreciated their hard work and were relieved that the day went so smoothly.

I had hired Admiral van lines. The sales rep came to my home to give me an estimate. The estimate was reasonable and he was professional, kind and reassuring. The entire team worked hard the whole day. They did an excellent job in taking care of all of our furniture. They were friendly and cooperative the entire day. I would definitely them again.

If you want to know what efficiency is, just hire the movers from Admiral van lines. They were absolutely brilliant during my move. The team arrived right on the scheduled time. They were very well equipped and got to work immediately. They packed up my 3-bedroom house in just 2 hours. It was their incredible speed and accuracy that truly impressed me. It seemed like they came, saw and conquered. The men were always helping each other out. The organization and coordination among them was brilliant. Their foreman was very experienced and knew exactly how to get the best job out of his men. I strongly recommend this company

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