Admiral Van Lines

USDOT # 2065280
63 New Hook Rd Suite 1B
Bayonne, NJ 07002
New Jersey
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Additional Phone: (201) 437-1919
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Moving with Admiral Van Lines

We understand how stressful finding a New York moving company can be. At Admiral Van Lines, we make it easy to find all the transportation and storage services, where you need them, all under one roof.  Don't take our word for it; take a look at the facts!
  • Free In-Home Estimates - The price you're quoted is the price you pay. Guaranteed.
  • Competitive Pricing - Moving with the best van line in the world is surprisingly affordable.
  • Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery Dates - We will be there on-time, every-time. Guaranteed.
  • Background-Checked, Qualified Professionals - No one enters your home we wouldn't let enter ours.
  • Innovative, Groundbreaking Technology - Admiral Van Lines new technologies keep you moving forward.

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Your Admiral Van Lines Reviews

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I have used Admiral Van Lines for multiple moves and I have to say they are the best movers that I've ever had. They thoroughly wrapped and protected all of my furniture and made sure to get it to my next apartment in quality condition. They have competitive rates and all the movers I have had were hard workers that got the job done in time. I will surely reuse them for my next cross-state move.

I hired Admiral Van Lines for my recent move. They were very accommodating to my needs. The sales rep answered all of my questions and was very polite .They told me when they would be there and showed up at that time. The movers packed all of my things up and moved quickly to my new destination. Great moving company.

I am very happy with the results! I hired admiral van lines last month for my long distance move and it was so perfect! They gave me a very good deal and moved me like a king. The moving men moved all the furniture, kitchenware, household items and also the glassware very carefully and professionally. There were no damages upon delivery and no extra fees too. I really loved their customer service. They were always a phone call away and they kept me updated all the way. I really had a lovely move.

We are very happy with their effort. Nothing went wrong. We had hired Admiral Van Lines for our long distance move last month. The movers were professional, punctual, efficient and very friendly. They did not break any of my delicate stuff .The moving team did a great job. The move went very well. I will definitely hire them again in future in case I plan a move.

Everything they did, from the original quote, to follow-ups to questions, to the actual move went flawlessly. The long distance movers that loaded our belongings were both fast and very careful. They took time to pack each item in a way that protected it from damage. They arrived exactly when they said they would and made sure we were happy before they left. Bottom line: We'd hire Admiral Van Lines again without hesitation and were quite satisfied with the moving service.

What a good company to work with. Admiral Van Lines outdid all the performances of previous relocation companies I had hired. The moving team made it possible for me to relocate in one of the most adorable experiences. They were aware of most of the things I needed for the relocation. I loved the way the movers handled my chairs and paid particular attention to my glassware. All my stuff was safely moved from NJ to OH without a single thing missing or broken. I appreciate them for their amazing service and would recommend them to all.

I am going to hire out Admiral Van Lines when I am relocating next time. Through their wonderful work last week, they convinced me that they are worth hiring out again. I was able to go through a wonderful relocation with them. The movers kept time and maintained a high level of professionalism. All my properties including the chairs, the television set and the even my pieces of clothing arrived safely. They were intact because of the level of diligence displayed by them. Keep up the good work team.

I am not used to writing reviews, but this time, I have to express my gratitude to Admiral Van Lines. My family and I were more than pleased by how you handled the relocation last week. We will not forget the friendly moving team that moved us. We must mention that all our belongings were located and nothing was missing. Admiral Van Lines played an important role in ensuring a successful relocation. Highly recommended relocation service.

I have used Admiral Van Lines multiple times in the past. They are really trustworthy and time oriented. They always meet the deadlines I provide without even questioning. Whenever I call to hire them, I am always satisfied with their services. They are efficient and very hardworking. Their services were ideal. Office staff was great on the customer service side, answering all of my questions promptly and kindly they are always ready to help and cooperate with me in every possible manner. I've very high regards for this amazing moving company.

I have moved several times in my life and also used many movers. But not a single time I got a perfect move until I used Admiral Van Lines. They moved us recently to a new residence and thus changed our entire perception towards professional movers. Their movers came on time, packed and moved everything accordingly and made the delivery of all the stuff before the allotted time. I am really happy with the outcome of the move and I am so impressed that I have decided to hire them for my next move as well.

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