Admiral Van Lines

USDOT # 2065280
63 New Hook Rd Suite 1B
Bayonne, NJ 07002
New Jersey
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Additional Phone: (201) 437-1919
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Moving with Admiral Van Lines

We understand how stressful finding a New York moving company can be. At Admiral Van Lines, we make it easy to find all the transportation and storage services, where you need them, all under one roof.  Don't take our word for it; take a look at the facts!
  • Free In-Home Estimates - The price you're quoted is the price you pay. Guaranteed.
  • Competitive Pricing - Moving with the best van line in the world is surprisingly affordable.
  • Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery Dates - We will be there on-time, every-time. Guaranteed.
  • Background-Checked, Qualified Professionals - No one enters your home we wouldn't let enter ours.
  • Innovative, Groundbreaking Technology - Admiral Van Lines new technologies keep you moving forward.

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I hired Admiral Van Lines very hastily as this move came on such a short notice and I was totally scrambling. But they turned out to be quite awesome. Their movers were all very well trained and knew exactly how to maneuver through my tiny apartment without causing any damage. They were fast too which saved me a lot of money. They delivered on time and my belongings traveled really well. I was very impressed seeing them at work. I will definitely hire them again and request for the same crew.

My wife and I had never relocated before. So we just had to hire Admiral Van Lines. I have to say, it was the stress-free experience. This company is so professional. They sent their movers sharp on time and every man was very efficient. They took no time to pack up all our belongings and then started carrying them down to the truck. The whole process was completed very quickly. They used a lot of packing materials though. None of my furniture or other belongings suffered any damages on the way and the delivery was made on time. It was a great first relocation

I want to hire Admiral Van Lines whenever I need to move again. They are outstanding! They know how to do their job. When they came to our house I just showed them the inventory and after that I did not have to say anything at all. They knew how to do everything. I just watched there and let them do their thing. They are great at what they do. Efficient, polite and very hardworking. Thanks a lot guys for an excellent service.

Spending money on Admiral Van Lines was the right decision. And it was worth. I have seen several movers who have charged me high price but could not meet the expectation. Admiral Van Lines was different. They charged me competitive price and they served me far better than what they charged. I got all my belongings moved and reassembled appropriately. Their customer manager was very informative and helpful all through the time. He chose the payment method and the best deal for me. It was good spending on an efficient moving partner.

I asked several people about a good moving company. Majority told the name of Admiral Van Lines. In fact my ex boss who is a man of perfection recommended too. And now I know why. Only they can make sure a perfect relocation. They did it in my time. I moved to Philadelphia from New Jersey last week and it was the easiest relocation I did. I just had to brief them at the beginning and pay them at the end. The rest was their magic. Pretty perfectly they moved all my belongings to my new house. No breakage, no extra time and no hidden charge. This was exactly the thing I was looking for. I highly recommend Admiral Van Lines for their finest service.

Admiral Van Lines was the best moving company I have ever used. They were very responsible, helpful in finding the right solution and they delivered on time! They were even trustworthy people. They kept us update on the day of our move. They shared their suggestion to us which helped us a lot. There was not a single scratch on any of my items when they were delivered. I really recommend them to all who are looking for a good moving company.

Admiral Van Lines delivered all my stuffs to my new place. It was a long journey and before that there was the day when they packed all my belongings and loaded for this journey. I kept faith on them and they did exactly what makes me delighted. Being through the entire work, I found nothing dented or even scratched. Nothing means nothing. Not even a wall or a floor. And here comes the shock. The charge was way below my expectation. Now I have enough reason to be more than happy.

Had a move from NJ to AL and took the help of Admiral Van Lines. They really did a great job front to back; showed up at 7:50am for an 8:00am move, all three guys introduced themselves, were really nice, asked a couple questions and got started- moved fast and were very careful, nothing scuffed or broken, which was pretty awesome considering that we had some really fragile furniture. Would certainly recommend Admiral Van Lines to friends. Great experience with these guys!

We contacted Admiral Van Lines two weeks before we needed to move and they were able to schedule us. The guy who coordinated the day for us and was very helpful and patient in answering all our endless questions. The foreman and his crew came more than prompt on the day of the move (10 minutes early!) and got things moving quickly and professionally. Everything got to our new home in the same condition as we packed it. Above all else the guys were just great, genuine people that were set to do a good job. The day after the move they called to see how everything went and to make sure we were satisfied. Great service from a great team! Would highly recommend Admiral Van Lines!

I have used these guys twice in the last 1 year for moves and been very happy both times. Each time I've found the foreman very professional and easy to deal with. They did a great job: fast, thorough, and careful. The other guys on each time were also been great. Moving isn't cheap, but using Admiral Van Lines is a good investment. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.

Did You Know

Question In the United States, the term 'full trailer' is used for a freight trailer supported by front and rear axles and pulled by a drawbar. This term is slightly different in Europe, where a full trailer is known as an A-frame drawbar trail. A full trailer is 96 or 102 in (2.4 or 2.6 m) wide and 35 or 40 ft (11 or 12 m) long.

Question Trucks and cars have much in common mechanically as well as ancestrally. One link between them is the steam-powered fardier Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, who built it in 1769. Unfortunately for him, steam trucks were not really common until the mid 1800's. While looking at this practically, it would be much harder to have a steam truck. This is mostly due to the fact that the roads of the time were built for horse and carriages. Steam trucks were left to very short hauls, usually from a factory to the nearest railway station. In 1881, the first semi-trailer appeared, and it was in fact towed by a steam tractor manufactured by De Dion-Bouton. Steam-powered trucks were sold in France and in the United States, apparently until the eve of World War I. Also, at the beginning of World War II in the United Kingdom, they were known as 'steam wagons'.

Question Medium trucks are larger than light but smaller than heavy trucks. In the US, they are defined as weighing between 13,000 and 33,000 pounds (6,000 and 15,000 kg). For the UK and the EU, the weight is between 3.5 and 7.5 tons (3.9 and 8.3 tons). Local delivery and public service (dump trucks, garbage trucks, and fire-fighting trucks) are around this size.

Question DOT officers of each state are generally in charge of the enforcement of the Hours of Service (HOS). These are sometimes checked when CMVs pass through weigh stations. Drivers found to be in violation of the HOS can be forced to stop driving for a certain period of time. This, in turn, may negatively affect the motor carrier's safety rating. Requests to change the HOS are a source of debate. Unfortunately, many surveys indicate drivers routinely get away with violating the HOS. Such facts have started yet another debate on whether motor carriers should be required to us EOBRs in their vehicles. Relying on paper-based log books does not always seem to enforce the HOS law put in place for the safety of everyone.

Question The Federal-Aid Highway Amendments of 1974 established a federal maximum gross vehicle weight of 80,000 pounds (36,000 kg). It also introduced a sliding scale of truck weight-to-length ratios based on the bridge formula. Although, they did not establish a federal minimum weight limit. By failing to establish a federal regulation, six contiguous in the Mississippi Valley rebelled. Becoming known as the "barrier state", they refused to increase their Interstate weight limits to 80,000 pounds. Due to this, the trucking industry faced a barrier to efficient cross-country interstate commerce.