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USDOT # 650086
111 Northeasthern Blvd
Nashua, NH 03062
New Hampshire
Contact Phone: 1-800-265-6683
Additional Phone: (603) 882-6683
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Moving with College Bound Movers

Development. Desire. Polished skill. Commitment. We are the original College Bound Movers was established on over 20 years back. The owner was school destined 19 year old, saw a chance to get started working and enhance the moving business. The disgrace encompassing moving organizations is one of indiscretion and rashness. Knowing this, the management shaped an organization that rotated around polished methodology and client administration, guaranteeing his clients that would be moving would need to be as anxiety free and proficient as could be allowed. What began with one business person who was renting trucks in his guardians name in Merrimack, N.H. has developed exponentially every year. Headquartered in Amherst the business has spread out rather than the one rental truck, CBM now possesses an armada of 15 trucks, and has developed from one representatives to almost 73. Today's College Bound Movers is a gathering of profoundly prepared undergrads and graduates and helping them get work while studying. The workplaces is open all week to permit clients the chance to pose the questions important to guarantee their genuine feelings of serenity while moving home.

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Demetrius, Shad and Quinn did an outstanding job moving me and my family.
Polite and efficient. Great job! 5 STARS!

We had College Bound Movers move us from Providence RI to Derry NH. They gave a flat rate for the truck, regardless of the number of things moved. The two guys hustled and cheerfully moved the majority of our stuff from 3 distinct floors. I was extremely happy with their hard working attitude and their skill. I would highly recommend this moving service.

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