Coleman American Moving

USDOT # 1119370
4880 F St
Omaha, NE 68117
Contact Phone: (877) 693-7060
Additional Phone: (402) 733-2560
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Never work for this place TOM the boss is a CLOWN who can't do his job and doesnt care about employees like he claims

Heaps of damage and broken things. Will I document a case? No. Why? Since I am not likely to witness anything positive. A percentage of the things were collectibles and unique southwestern pots. How would you put a quality on these things when there is no reference for the expense in today's business sector. I inquired as to whether they ought to be pressed in a box and was told no. Ha! Too awful for me. The entire experience was a joke from the "coordination" of the move to the landing of two little trucks to move us rather than a van.

Try not to squander your time and cash.

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