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USDOT # 181102
4101 Rider Trial North
Earth City, MO 63045
Earth City
Contact Phone: (866)-542-0802 or (800) 873-2673
Additional Phone: (314) 291-7440
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Moving with Cord Moving & Storage Company

Cord Moving & Storage Company provides indisputable overhaul to our consumers as we attempt to live up to our customer wants.
Each client has dissimilar requirements for their relocation, which is why Cord Moving & Storage Company provides inspection and repair and moving company to make our dear to conciliate them.
Thus, take a vantage of the reviews by reviewing article below, whether you're just reading Cord Moving & Storage Company revaluation or writing them.

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Moving is difficult in the first place and this was the first occasion when we utilize an expert organization, we need to say it was the best experience! They were proficient from the begin not at all like a couple other moving company had reached for a quote. We stuffed our selves and the rest went simply great. Might want to say THANK YOU to all included with it, from the begin they were incredible. Addressed inquiries and went steppes past the fundamentals, it appear like to us at any rate. Incredible Experience!!

This moving company is terrible. They call each and every day and inquire as to whether we are moving. For quite a while I clarify that no we are not moving but the following day the call once more! So tired of them! Will never utilize them EVER!

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