Ocean Springs Transfer and Storage

USDOT # 882522
3206 D Ave
Gulfport, MS 39507
Contact Phone: (800) 388-1070
Additional Phone: (228) 863-9632
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Moving with Ocean Springs Transfer and Storage

Understanding the needs of the client is of great importance for almost all services, like those found at Ocean Springs Transfer.
Ocean Springs Transfer can nominate your move well-fixed with services who may make up with you every measure of the direction.
In addition, take a reward of the reviews by critique below, whether you're plainly reading Ocean Springs Transfer critical review or writing them.

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This moving company has restored my confidence in movers! In the first place let me say we moved from the east drift 3 years prior where a large portion of our stuff was stolen and the other half was broken when it arrived. Whenever Mike, John and Anderson arrived I was at that point exceptionally overpowered inside of minutes I understood it would have been a decent day. The entire procedure was not quite the same as the begin, they went over the paper work and the desires of the whole move. It more often than not runs longer than the 3 hours at first charged. (Absolute cost 1100$) This can be chopped around having everything prepared for them to stack in the truck :) these folks were fun and exceptionally proficient. They called attention to anything that might be broken before touching it. They made a little tear in the base side of a sleeping pad getting it down a restricted staircase and made me mindful immediately it truly was unavoidable. Mike even dealt with a dead rodent for us at the new place! When we got to the new house they didn't know we had hard wood floors and sat tight for the administrator to bring felt cushions before putting any furniture! Thank folks for a general awesome ordeal :) I know this is long yet needed to ensure I hit on everything. Individuals rush to compose a negative survey, these folks worked their butts off for us and we truly value it! Much appreciated again folks :)

I chose at last to contract movers instead of trouble companions. I sent an email request Friday night, Ocean called me Saturday morning and said they could move me that same day!

They wrapped my furniture with the greater part of the substance in it, which made it truly simple for me. The first quote was for 2 hours, yet they completed it in 1, sparing me $$.

Everybody was exceptionally expert and amicable, from the workplace staff to the movers.

I would utilize them once more!

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