Columbus Warehouse and Storage Company

USDOT # 268484
2412 Highway 69
Columbus, MS 39702
Contact Phone: (800) 273-8356
Additional Phone: (662) 328-2782
Company Site:

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DOT# NOT AUTHORIZED. Not authorized for Interstate moves in the United States household moves.

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The greater part of the contrary encounters individuals are giving are substantial one lady thought of they took perpetually to answer back to her. I had the same experience. Another lady thought of they stuffed her cases in first then furniture, same involvement with me. At the time I moved whomever they had answer their telephones was the rudest lady. I comprehend times are hard and we require "occupations" then thankful. When I got a study asking how I felt I addressed truly, then impolite lady calls and needs to comprehend what they could have improved?! Lol that is clever. I'd rather contract day workers then work with this moving company once more.

The folks who showed up were incredible. That is the main explanation behind the three stars. This moving company sucks!!! Just utilize them in the event that you have NO OTHER OPTIONS!!!

Michael B and Freddy were staggering! They were dire, conscious, and kind! I exceptionally recommend utilizing Columbus, the best and least demanding moving knowledge I've had. What's more, the Yelp coupon was great - purchase it.

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