Granite City Moving and Storage

USDOT # 619651
207 14th Ave E
Sartell, MN 56377
Contact Phone: (800) 373-1472
Additional Phone: (320) 252-1311
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Moving with Granite City Moving and Storage

LocalIf you're moving 30 miles or less from your present area, Granite City Moving and Storage will furnish you with productive and quick backing and benefit keeping in mind the end goal to make your turn less stressful.When you're pressing up for a move to another state or the nation over, Granite City Moving and Storage comprehends the troubles and push that accompanies it.We assurance to make this time as effortless as could be expected under the circumstances, offering our quality administration and ability to get you to your new destination safely.Even more harrowing than moving the nation over is moving to another nation, and at Granite City Moving and Storage we promise to help you at all times your turn the minimum of your stresses. Stone City Moving and Storage gives quality business moving that is more than just essentially stacking and emptying trucks. We will make an auspicious and effective arrangement to work with you and help you through your office relocation.Granite City Moving and Storage offers numerous sorts of capacity abilities from atmosphere controlled capacity to business stockpiling to make your moving procedure as simple as would be prudent.

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I was going to use them for a move but heard that they may be closed. I checked their website, and it is down:

Couldn't use the service.

Ended up using Unique Movers in Sauk Rapids:

I will say the movers were very efficient and timely with moving everything. There were several pieces of furniture that were damaged during the move. The back of my couch had a huge gouge in it, one of the cusions for my couch has a tear in it, my dining room table had a huge chip in the corner, one of my pieces of bathroom furniture has a huge scratch and several corner chips in it, a small kitchen island I have has the enitre handle torn off with no way to repair it, the door frame entering my apartment has gouges in it, the wall outside of my apartment door has a huge gouge going about a 1/4 inch deep. Considering every piece of furniture they moved with the exception of a 5 shelf bookshelf, one section of my couch, and a 3 shelf bookshelf was damaged during the move I would not recommend or hire them again.

I just composed a sparkling review...but now we found that our handtruck is missing. It is exceptionally occupied when they indicate up....but we were content with them. Today...husband returned home to move boxes and he searched all over the place for his OLD red handtruck. Not a single where in sight. A simple error take it. I called them. Trust we get it back soon. I'll change my survey when we do!

I had Jim gone to my home he was extremely proficient let me know what was required dealt with my turn 100% consumer loyalty I would prescribe them to every one of my loved ones Great moving company !!!!

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