Uptown Transfer Inc

USDOT # 695729
3040 4th Ave S,
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: (612) 827-3826
Company Site: www.uptowntransfer.com

Moving with Uptown Transfer Inc

Moving can be stressful and challenging. We help by making your transition as smooth as possible. Family owned and operated since 1901, we are recognized as one of the best Minnesota moving companies. With the resources and staff to handle all aspects of local and long distance moves, we promise that you will receive personal attention throughout your entire relocation.

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Truly decent folks - solid and accommodating. Great follow up prior and then afterward the genuine move. I would prescribe them. We moved a piano crosswise over hardwood floors. My just recommendation would be that they convey sheets to cover the floor for a piano move. We had some with us, so they utilized that. Else, I do positively suggest this moving company!

I will never utilize them again, Don't you utilize them either! This is the second time I utilized them the first was incredible so when I moved again I called them. They cited me $450.00 last cost was $724.50 I was stunned. When I unloaded, I found that things were lost and broken. I called the workplace and was dependably advised somebody would hit me up. At long last Eddie said he would go to my home and take a gander at what was broken and audit missing things yet he never appeared. He never called to say he was not coming. I called left more messages. I then conversed with Todd why should going drop off a check for $25 that not the slightest bit secured the absent and broken things. Todd never indicated either. This has continued for very nearly two months now. I will never utilize them again nor do I suggest them any more as I did after my first move. I don't realize what happened to this moving company following two years yet they simply couldn't care less any more!

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