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USDOT # 840706
401 11th Ave S Ste 300
Hopkins, MN 55343
Contact Phone: (800) 382-4794
Additional Phone: (952) 941-6542
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Moving with Paragon Moving & Storage

Paragon Moving & Storage is a family-owned and operated moving, relocation and storage company. At Paragon Moving & Storage, our number one priority is total customer satisfaction. Our moving and storage services begin well before the truck arrives and continues long after the final box is unpacked. You will find friendly, helpful representatives ready to listen and answer your questions. You can rest assured that everyone in our organization will do everything possible to provide the highest level of care.

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Procuring (great) movers is totally the best cash you'll spend on a move. When you calculate the expense of leasing a truck and paying for gas when making various outings, wrapping enormous furniture appropriately with costly supplies, and excursions to the chiropractor after you definitely harm yourself moving substantial stuff...movers turn into a considerably more engaging cost.

Steven and Chris touched base on time, arranged to buckle down, and were delicate as can be on our stuff. They were super cool, decent, and proficient. They made discussion in a way that said: hey, we know we're in YOUR space and we need you to know we're simply pleasant fellows here to offer assistance. I welcomed that.

They even took my aggregate OCD marking framework in step.

Moving is sufficiently upsetting without putting yourself through the torment of truly difficult work.

Goodness, and behavior proposes tipping movers. We were absolutely upbeat to.

Exceedingly prescribe!

Suggested by the vender as a solid mover, wound up being definitely not dependable. It required a considerable amount of investment to at long last make them ship cites from Paragon where the speakers I acquired were taken to have custom containers fabricated. For one thing, the boxes were shocking and unstable and cost $500, following 2 months of sitting tight for quotes I was at long last given 2 alternatives a moving organization (that they speak to) or cargo. Both choices were to incorporate protection. the cargo choice was 1/3 the rate of the moving organization so I ran with that alternative. $600 versus over $1500. It winds up that the speakers were harmed and no protection was really given. other than the base by law (10 pennies a pound) was incorporated. I would depict the administration as moderate and clumsy and the client administration as non-existent. I would not prescribe utilizing Paragon Moving and Storage.

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