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Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens


These guys are all fantastic! Andy and Zack were totally expert in the entire process of moving me from downtown, to Old Mission! Their great attitudes really put me at ease! I appreciated the care they took in protecting each item and they made what I thought would be a difficult move into a quick, seemingly (!) effortless transition! Upon arrival, everything was placed exactly as requested and all the packing materials were removed, leaving the new home in spotless condition! I really can't say enough about everyone I dealt with when scheduling this move. In the front office, Mara, Shana and Amanda guided me seamlessly through things, from minute one. Moving always comes with a certain amount of apprehension, but I have to admit, their team made this extremely easy and stress-free! Many, many thanks and highest marks to everyone at Two Men and a Truck, TC!

Sara S

Sara S


Jesse and Brian were AWESOME! They helped me with a cross-town proceed onward Sunday and were proficient, useful, and productive all through the whole move. Also, yes, they were even patient as they moved out of an old cabin into a townhome with an excess of stairs (sorry about that, folks). The evaluating was sensible, they could secure a quick arrangement (approached Friday and could get a Sunday appt.), and everything made it to the new place unscuffed and in incredible condition. I would prescribe these folks for anybody hoping to move in Michigan!

Jonna B

Jonna B


I utilized Two Men and a Truck prior this month, and they are the Movers Who Care! They brought additional consideration with the pieces I was worried with, and did all that they could to keep our effects safe while filling in as fast as would be prudent. They kept an uplifting demeanor, notwithstanding when it was pouring down downpour. Besides, they moved from a second story loft to a second story flat in three hours, which was under the cited time so it spared me cash. It can't show signs of improvement than that!

 Christina A

Christina A


Employed Two Men and A Truck to empty a few trucks for us. They appeared on time, took after our directions and were quick and affable.


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Did you know?

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In 1976, the number one hit on the Billboard chart was "Convoy," a novelty song by C.W. McCall about a convoy of truck drivers evading speed traps and toll booths across America. The song inspired the 1978 action film Convoy directed by Sam Peckinpah. After the film's release, thousands of independent truck drivers went on strike and participated in violent protests during the 1979 energy crisis (although similar strikes had occurred during the 1973 energy crisis).

The number one hit on the Billboard chart in 1976 was quite controversial for the trucking industry. "Convoy," is a song about a group of reckless truck drivers bent on evading laws such as toll booths and speed traps. The song went on to inspire the film "Convoy", featuring defiant Kris Kristofferson screaming "piss on your law!" After the film's release, thousands of independent truck drivers went on strike. The participated in violent protests during the 1979 energy crisis. However, similar strikes had occurred during the 1973 energy crisis.

All cars must pass some sort of emission check, such as a smog check to ensure safety. Similarly, trucks are subject to noise emission requirement, which is emanating from the U.S. Noise Control Act. This was intended to protect the public from noise health side effects. The loud noise is due to the way trucks contribute disproportionately to roadway noise. This is primarily due to the elevated stacks and intense tire and aerodynamic noise characteristics.

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