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USDOT # 1150201
45200 Grand River
Novi, MI 48376
Contact Phone: 800 863 5161
Additional Phone: (248) 344-1144
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Premier Relocations contributes positive servicing to our client as we attempt to live up to our customers wants.
Each customer has dissimilar essential for their relocation, which is why Premier Relocations provides service and movers to come our best to adapt them.
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We contracted Premier Relocations to move our family crosscountry, which was an awful choice. Nothing was done as told/anticipated from get to drop off. We needed to record (2) separate cases, one for postponement and another for harm, which is a gigantic exercise in futility and dissatisfaction. Our conveyance was gotten days past their "ensured date". A large number of our belonging were gotten harmed, because of the truck being inadequately pressed in Michigan. The harm case is in discretion, which is another gigantic migraine, and its been months since we arrived. I can't express how baffling and amateurish they were in taking care of our turn. We would not suggest them!

I can't remark on them doing a real move, however will let you realize that I needed to utilize this moving company. I called to plan a quote needing to have somebody walk through my home. I was told the woman that handles that was at lunch and I ought to leave a phone message then she'll get back to me right. All things considered, I held up just about 3 hours (to what extent is lunch?) and afterward got back to myself.. I wish I could recall that her name, since this moving company needs to know how inconsiderate she can be.. When she replied, she prompted me that she's extremely occupied and as yet getting back to individuals once again from the day preceding!! Pardon me??? Not my issue you're excessively occupied!! A client ought to never be informed that.. I was so shocked, said well would it be a good idea for me to simply manage the other moving company I called? I really said it in an edified tone.. She answered, that is not what I said, but rather if that is the thing that you need to do..and SHE HUNG UP ON ME!! I then called the fundamental 800# on the Internet for Mayflower (Premier is an establishment) and I educated the rep how I was dealt with. He went about as though he couldn't have cared less and asked what I'd like him to do about it!! I simply need to move and not be dealt with like poop. I'll be utilizing North American.. Exceptionally decent individuals over yonder..

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