Potter Warehouse & Transfer

USDOT # 485878
69102 Powell Rd
Armada, MI 48005
Contact Phone: 1-800-545-9335
Additional Phone: (586) 752-5882
Company Site: www.potterwarehouse.com

Moving with Potter Warehouse & Transfer

Understanding the motive of the customer is important for about all movers, like here at Potter Warehouse & Transfer.
Potter Warehouse & Transfer takes into condition the thought process and critiquing our clients may experience.
Potter Warehouse & Transfer can ingest upkeep of your moving requirements, scarce say the revaluation below.

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The entire "pack and load" perspective went easily. Jim Stafford was incredible at assessing, respectful and fast. The team of 4 touched base on time and were extremely charming. Foreman Mark conveyed well, was proficient and kept a quick pace. I was stunned at their velocity. Every thing was wrapped well and they would dependably inquire as to whether they had particular thing questions. Check even let my 3 year old put on a show to drive the "huge truck", which he cherished. This move out was snappy and I would exceptionally prescribe this group.

Incredible EXPERIENCE - We enlisted Potter Warehouse & Transfer, an Allied subsidiary, for a full administration move from Ann Arbor to San Francisco in May of 2014. From start to finish it was an awesome affair. This was our third enormous, cross-state move. We had terrible encounters with Mayflower and another little moving company in Texas.

We were cited a reasonable value, the cited weight was precisely the real weight, and the majority of our choices were clarified forthright. We could secure a 4 day conveyance window forthright and affirmed the precise conveyance day we needed with the driver when our things were pressed. Beverly from the workplace was additionally phenomenal about catching up and ensuring our turn went easily.

One thing that is incredible about the Allied model is that the driver regulates the procedure from start to finish and is with your stuff the entire way. The group that pressed us was exceptionally proficient and point by point. The greater part of our furniture was precisely wrapped in moving covers and plastic wrap. Our just issue was that the group truly required two days to pack and load rather than one. They burned through 12 hours at our home pressing, however completed everything without compromising. This was the main move that we didn't need to document moving protection for broken or harmed things.

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