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A family business specializing in international change, licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission as Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC).Fastway began operations in Florida and quickly became a company with great market acceptance. Today we have branches in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Georgia and Florida.We are part of the IAM (International Association of Movers), where we have over 2000 agents in 165 countries. That way, no matter the source or destination of your move, Fastway can help you.We strive for transparency in our services, clarifying our customers all procedures and steps required for the initiation and completion of change! In this way, we make the change process much simpler knowing exactly what to expect. In Fastway Moving work hard to provide adequate solutions to their profile, beginning to analyze it from the first contact and ending with your satisfaction in the delivery of your change.Today we are proud to say that the large volume of business of the company is generated by indications from customers pleased with Fastway.Now you know us, we want to know you. Come talk to us, because we are ready to serve you better.

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Romulo E Mariana B.

Romulo E Mariana B.


Fastway Moving and Storage is incredible! A debt of gratitude is in order for everything! Your client administration is extraordinary and the work was great.


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